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On demand novels

Writing a novel is a daunting task in a market that has heavy competition. To write is to gamble with time and effort because no-one knows whether that time and effort will pay off or whether it will join the big pile of forgotten literary works.

I've always wanted to write a novel but i lacked motivation and confidence as i was put off by all the worries mentioned above. Then one day I let my girlfriend read one of writings and she said that she really liked it and asked me to write a bit a more because she wanted to know where the story was going.

So this gave me an idea; instead of releasing novels as a whole, once they have been completed, writers release their novels in parts and see how much interest they gather up. The more interest a chapter gets, the more people there are who will be willing to pay for the novel and so the more motivated the writer will be.

So instead of write it and lets see who reads it, the idea reverses that; who would read it then write it.


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  • Apr 11 2011: There are some people who do this already. I was reading a story a while back and they just put up each chapter as they wrote it and let people comment with feedback etc. When there was enough interest they then published the book allowing people to pre-order etc. It worked out quite well I think the main problem would getting it to be so people would see it at first.

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