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Shouldn't America be more concerned about Benghazi?

With all the information that is available now to the public its obvious that there was a cover up. The media has done a poor job covering this issue and are downplaying it along with turning it in to some witch hunt. Cant we put our politics and allegiances aside and demand answers and accountability? For Gods Sake Americans were killed and its been verified the public was initially lied to about the circumstances.


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  • May 26 2013: I really dont find myself too concerned about Benghazi. I dont apologize for that. Maybe I've seen so many stories in the media clouded by opinion that i just can't pay attention. There are more important issues that need to be addressed. See me as being cold for speaking like this when three Americans died? Where are all of you angry concerned people when lack of protection causes the death of hundreds of teenagers in the streets of our own country? When antiblack antimexican antimuslim anti-anything leads to the mistreatment of our own citizens. Q
    • May 26 2013: Who is saying they are not concerned? We can only fight one thing at a time. Make a conversation about whatever it is that concerns you... this threads about Benghazi..

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