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Shouldn't America be more concerned about Benghazi?

With all the information that is available now to the public its obvious that there was a cover up. The media has done a poor job covering this issue and are downplaying it along with turning it in to some witch hunt. Cant we put our politics and allegiances aside and demand answers and accountability? For Gods Sake Americans were killed and its been verified the public was initially lied to about the circumstances.

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    May 29 2013: I regret the loss of life in Benghazi. But the Ambassador who was killed was the Senior Foreign Service Officer on Scene. And he absolutely had to understand the risk he was taking. What is more important to me is the risk, by extension, that he was expecting his security forces to undertake on his behalf. Those security guys were the ones assigned to take a bullet for him if/when the bullets started flying. If that Ambassador had been, say, a military officer -- this is exactly how the Pentagon would have evaluated the Senior Officer's responsibilities and how the consequences that followed were the direct result of his decisions. Just because you are dead, that does not exclude you from responsibility for events you initiated -- even if those events resulted in your own death.

    If there is a need to blame anyone, blame the Ambassador. Yes, that looks like I am blaming one of the victims for what happened. But the concepts taught to military officers as to leadership and responsibility adheres here. Somebody dropped the ball. And the ball was dropped big-time BEFORE the Ambassador even thought about going to Benghazi. Between news reports and the CIA, there was plenty of information about what the risks were and what was afoot in that part of Libya. The Ambassador had access to that information. He should have known.

    And if the Ambassador absolutely had to go and be where he was, he should not have gone without adequate security. All of this goes together as far as thinking and planning and moving forward are concerned. it all goes together. I don't know or even care about what the press may or may not have reported anywhere about this. I don't care what a bunch of idiot members of Congress have or have not said about it. What I do care about lies with senior people assigned to dangerous jobs in dangerous locations. This country cannot afford to have senior people act foolishly.
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    May 26 2013: Keith, The administration has used the spin doctor move to declare this a national security incident and so the media, who is in his corner, will not investigate. It is the same with the wire taps on the press ... it was immediately declared a national security incident and no media coverage or investigation will follow ... you don't hear about drones any more ... We do not hear about Homeland Security buying up ammo and armored vehicles ... The question is why are we still supporting an administration that condones and allows these actions.

    It really is not complicated Hillary screwed up ... the party ... through the president ... will go to any lengths to protect her and her run for the party.

    The US is more divided than ever before ... there is less transparency than ever before ... there is more politics than ever before.

    You know this. It does not take a analyist to evaluate some of the replies to this conversation. The lines are drawn very sharply, it is not about us being a failed diplomatic nation, nor about lives lost, it is politics pure and simple.
  • May 22 2013: IMO, the public will never learn the whole story about the Benghazi attack because it involves national security.

    The people responsible for national security do not talk publicly about the subject for good reason, to keep our people secure.

    I have no doubt that mistakes were made, and that some people should be held accountable. They should not be held accountable in any public manner.

    Should we be more concerned? Being concerned is one thing. Demanding public answers about national security matters will subject our embassy personnel to greater risk. I will not participate in making any such demand. I will be extremely displeased with our security people if they talk about this in public.

    Privately, there are probably people who know what happened and know who made the mistakes. Since the people who know are probably going to be at risk in the future, I strongly suspect that they will handle the matter appropriately, not publicly.

    The public media is in the entertainment business. They sell a product that I do not care to buy.
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    May 16 2013: More was made by the Media of Dan Quayle adding an "e" to the word "potato" than was made of American citizens being executed and dragged through the streets as a result of being denied military protection from a clear and present danger. Does that indicate a political agenda in the Media and a suppression/distortion of Truth by the Administration? The same folks who gave us Barack Hussein Obama want to offer us Hillary Rodham Clinton as his replacement in 2016. She was driving when the shameful Benghazi debacle happened. Her reply to Senate (Congressional?) investigators was "What's the big deal?" (or something very similar) and she moved-on, unscathed, to the next stepping-stone toward the Oval Office which her husband put to such honorable use. Should American citizens be more concerned? I think so.
  • May 28 2013: Since Benghazi was a mere blip in the ongoing, and endless , "War on Terror", why is it even worth mentioning?!
    If you are concerned about "Americans being killed", and coverups, why not take on the Big Ones? See "Zeitgeist 2007". a video , concerning the mysterious, and unanswered impossiblities in the "Official", non-story about the WTC disaster. Especially, where are the airplane parts in Pentagon "crash", and how come Bldg 7 so conveniently "Fell" without being hit?!
    • May 28 2013: thats a whole other can of worms.. start a conversation about that if its of concern to you. Just because there might be bigger issues doesnt mean Benghazi is meaningless, after all 4 Americans including a diplomat where killed and the administration did indeed to an extent lied to the public.
  • May 26 2013: I really dont find myself too concerned about Benghazi. I dont apologize for that. Maybe I've seen so many stories in the media clouded by opinion that i just can't pay attention. There are more important issues that need to be addressed. See me as being cold for speaking like this when three Americans died? Where are all of you angry concerned people when lack of protection causes the death of hundreds of teenagers in the streets of our own country? When antiblack antimexican antimuslim anti-anything leads to the mistreatment of our own citizens. Q
    • May 26 2013: Who is saying they are not concerned? We can only fight one thing at a time. Make a conversation about whatever it is that concerns you... this threads about Benghazi..
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    May 22 2013: At least it wasn't a handful of guys from a 3rd world country with box cutters this time... That weapons of mass destruction thing was a kick in the pants too.

    Can you explain the obvious cover up part..? They said the attack never happened..? They called it the wrong kind of attack, and you called no take backs..? They said we never made the mistake of calling it a protest..?

    Why am I supposed to be so shocked about calling it the right kind of attack... More than who is responsible... Is that what the responsible party would want most..?

    Is this question you ask here meant to inspire an idea..?
  • May 19 2013: My friends just got back from Iraq they said go sign up get deployed to a battle field sleep in a killzone come back home and try to sleep . Nuff said you dont understand anything about war. End the war mind set end the wars.
    • May 19 2013: What does that have to do with Benghazi scandal?
  • May 17 2013: Yes, but this issue competes with a plethora of Reality TV Shows......
  • May 17 2013: You have heard "Don't shoot the messenger." Goodness remember the Challenger Did Feynman really know anything about space shuttles? Don't be a whistleblower if you want to work. Uniforms and engineers knew, but they couldn't talk. Feynman didn't suffer telling the truth because of who he was. Those who knew guided him to the right answer. It's a shame that it's hard to think in a republic that still reveres Benjamin Franklin.
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    May 17 2013: What's your opinion of Timothy McVeigh? And how do you feel about David Koresh?
    • May 17 2013: Koresh was a lunatic. McVeigh was an extremist driven by a paranoid ideology but i dont think he was crazy. Koresh was like a Stalin or Hitler in that he was a megalomaniac that used an ideology to manipulate people while McVeigh was a true believer in his cause (no matter how radical his cause was). What do you think?
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    May 16 2013: Do her die-hard supporters really want to refer to news stories focusing on the role played by Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi atrocity as a " WITCH hunt"?
    • May 16 2013: Hi Ed,
      A bit of tongue in cheek.
      I think the phrase is apt.
      " WITCH hunt".

      She has never been my favorite person, and
      I thought her original sin, with the broker, that gave
      to her, someone's market profits, was a nasty crook.
      That she accepted the larder made her one too.

      So many years, but we never forgive corruption.
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    • May 16 2013: In Watergate it was always said its not the crime but the cover up. Look at all the evidence .. clearly a cover up.
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        • May 16 2013: Troops should come home but that's a whole other story. Benghazi is about our government lying and although they may lie often this issue is up front. And its ashamed that you and others dismiss this incident just because there are politics involved. If America continues to put politics before truth then tyranny will flourish. Obama and Hillary can sanction unwarranted murder and many people would still worship them.
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        • May 16 2013: What is wrong with you? Your the one heated and not comprehending. If this was bush the problem would be the same your the one getting all political .. chill. Benghazis about lying about a situation that involved American deaths. Where are you at?
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        • May 16 2013: Wow your way out there buddy.. thanks for distorting my point of view and going on a tangent. Relax man your entitled to your views bit clearly your not going to provide critical input on a serious topic... so peace out.
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        • May 16 2013: My hidden agenda? My point of the talk was more to expose how. Government period gets away with scandal. You turned it in to what you wantes
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        • May 16 2013: Did you ever, even for a second, consider having a reasonable discussion about a serious matter? Or was it your intention from the get go to rant about your loosely put together theory of my "Hidden Agenda"? Your not unique nor wise, when i started this thread i knew somebody like yourself would bring emotion and accusations of the sort to the table. Your mind needs a dialogue whether its true or not so keep believing your story, as long as it fits with your existing world view, im sure it wont create to much dissonance.
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        • May 16 2013: Did you ever think that this issue was beyond the deaths of 4 americans and the obama administration? Did you ever consider this as a discussion about America, its governance, media, and its population. I could convey the same idea using the 911 commission reports and its redacted input along with the warren commision too. However those are not the talking points of todays popular dialogue or this thread. The idea is to transcend political and media voices and demand justice for the sake of justice. Of course the discussion turns political because in its superficial sense it is political and it is being politicized by both sides. You came in and immediately assumed it was political before attempting to hear me out and then you bring topics outside the discussion as a means to assault my objectivity. Do you want to talk about Afghanistan for real? Maybe we should discuss the Bush administration? Or maybe we can just talk Benghazi because that is what the thread pertains to? What do you think, does Benghazi matter? Is it relevant? Or is supporting Benghazi just purely partisan nonsense that should be immediately ostracized? Your the problem my friend? My words are not as crafted and calculated as you assume, nor is my intention. If you open up a little maybe we can try to agree on what Benghazi means aside from the garbage dialogue im sure both sides are responsible for.
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        • May 16 2013: Well yeah.. my point is whether your Reagan and the Iran Contra affair or Obama with Benghazi peoples admiration and allegiance to such leaders, distorts there motivation to investigate them and bring them to justice if need be. I dont feel your following me.. this is more about the collective psyche than one political incident. What was the most puzzling thing about Nazi Germany is the degree of allegiance to Hitler and that was the huge factor which enabled his Tyranny. During the age of JFK you would be shunned to actually question his assasination. So what do you think im saying? Only democrats are sheep or the American people as a whole are sheep?