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Shouldn't America be more concerned about Benghazi?

With all the information that is available now to the public its obvious that there was a cover up. The media has done a poor job covering this issue and are downplaying it along with turning it in to some witch hunt. Cant we put our politics and allegiances aside and demand answers and accountability? For Gods Sake Americans were killed and its been verified the public was initially lied to about the circumstances.


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    May 16 2013: More was made by the Media of Dan Quayle adding an "e" to the word "potato" than was made of American citizens being executed and dragged through the streets as a result of being denied military protection from a clear and present danger. Does that indicate a political agenda in the Media and a suppression/distortion of Truth by the Administration? The same folks who gave us Barack Hussein Obama want to offer us Hillary Rodham Clinton as his replacement in 2016. She was driving when the shameful Benghazi debacle happened. Her reply to Senate (Congressional?) investigators was "What's the big deal?" (or something very similar) and she moved-on, unscathed, to the next stepping-stone toward the Oval Office which her husband put to such honorable use. Should American citizens be more concerned? I think so.

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