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Where are the statistics on parental literacy per school or school district, correlated with the literacy of the students.

A significant portion of the US population is illiterate - 15-20% or more.
School performance in terms of literacy (and arithmetic) correlates with the socio-economic status of the school district.
If there is a high degree of illiteracy in the parents of the under-performing school children, then why aren't we trying to educate these parents. The chances are that these same parents are significantly under-employed and therefore available for literacy tutoring.
With increased parental literacy, the expectations for the kids will be raised by the parents and fewer kids will be left behind.

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    May 16 2013: If you do a literature search, you will find data relating the literacy of parents to that of children. Many schools, libraries, community colleges, and other local organizations do offer literacy programs for adults. Further, one consideration in textbook selection by school districts is what sort of support materials are available to offer parents who may want to help their children.