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Are most mental health problems caused by Toxoplasmosis or other pathogens ?

As put forward in the Atlantic article, the rise of depression in Europe was corolatable with the increase of toxoplasmosis.


With the discovery that the plaques in the brain may actually be PROTECTIVE for the neurons, it is quite possible that they are there to damp down the spurious electrical signals being produced from the pathogens that are attached there.

A new paper shows that mannitol opens the blood/brain barrier for a half hour. Long enough for a cyst to get thru.

Is much more likely that nearly ALL neuro-degenerative diseases are caused by pathogens.

They also just published the paper showing that HALF of all back pain is caused by bacterial infection.

We need to stop funding studies that do not control for food additives and pathogenic influences.
I'm not kidding about the food additives either, they just found that polysorbate can create an airtight and electron gun proof shell around bugs, leaving them able to still reproduce.
This could allow the bugs to continue exuding the chemicals that releases the inflammation chems, putting your body in a permanent state of chem stress.


This Tween 20 is used in almost every bio, neuro, and pharmacuetical lab as cleansers, washes, and pre-observation stage of testing in the entire field.

If you are having troubles, the first thing to do is get a pcr test for t. gondi, or toxoplasmosis.

start here.

and i would read this, if you are having emotional swings and arthritis symptoms, this is easy and cheap to try. Read the hazards in the article.


(This is actually from the comment i posted on the above mentioned talk


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  • May 20 2013: Adesh, did you even read the lead article from the Atlantic ? Maybe you wouldn't have used a big cat as a metaphor.

    The fact is , doctors have consistently claimed toxo has no effects, and have declined to pursue it.
    Without testing, especially kids with apparent behavioral problems, i don't think you can rule it out.

    By claiming that mental illness is a symptom of maladjustment or behavioral problems affecting social interactions, is just putting off actually studying the problem with an attempt at a solution.

    Lets test for it in ALL neuro and psych studies, and include it in the controls. Brazil is testing extensively now.

    I would like to see all kids about to be labled as ADHD, or bipolar, be tested before going on other meds.

    I would really like to see the prison population tested, as a control population.


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