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Are most mental health problems caused by Toxoplasmosis or other pathogens ?

As put forward in the Atlantic article, the rise of depression in Europe was corolatable with the increase of toxoplasmosis.


With the discovery that the plaques in the brain may actually be PROTECTIVE for the neurons, it is quite possible that they are there to damp down the spurious electrical signals being produced from the pathogens that are attached there.

A new paper shows that mannitol opens the blood/brain barrier for a half hour. Long enough for a cyst to get thru.

Is much more likely that nearly ALL neuro-degenerative diseases are caused by pathogens.

They also just published the paper showing that HALF of all back pain is caused by bacterial infection.

We need to stop funding studies that do not control for food additives and pathogenic influences.
I'm not kidding about the food additives either, they just found that polysorbate can create an airtight and electron gun proof shell around bugs, leaving them able to still reproduce.
This could allow the bugs to continue exuding the chemicals that releases the inflammation chems, putting your body in a permanent state of chem stress.


This Tween 20 is used in almost every bio, neuro, and pharmacuetical lab as cleansers, washes, and pre-observation stage of testing in the entire field.

If you are having troubles, the first thing to do is get a pcr test for t. gondi, or toxoplasmosis.

start here.

and i would read this, if you are having emotional swings and arthritis symptoms, this is easy and cheap to try. Read the hazards in the article.


(This is actually from the comment i posted on the above mentioned talk

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    May 18 2013: Simone Hi
    I am a doctor and we are supposed to study all mental illnesses, their causes and treatment. All the past studies show that Toxoplasmosis is a rare cause of mental illness. Maladjustment to the surroundings is a major factor.

    Meat eating habits have nothing to do with mental illness, so if you are not a strict vegetarian go ahead buy some for your self without any fear.

    I fully agree with you most of people love their dog more than their neighbor.
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    May 16 2013: let's just not jump to conclusions. the idea that mental illnesses can be caused by infections worth pursuing, but to draw the conclusion that all of them are is, 1., needs some more work and 2., not very likely.

    question: can toxoplasmosis be cured? because if not, i see no reason to check.
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      May 17 2013: syphyllis is an infection that causes dementia and psychosis, B12 deficiency can cause psychosis, meningitis, is a viral and a bacterial infection of the brain that can cause mental deficiency and illness- so I say yes, of course infections can cause mental illness- It has been proven, and more sadly is common.
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    May 29 2013: If physicians could make mental illness by treating toxoplasmosis, then they would give everyone Pyrimethamine — an antimalarial medication; Sulfadiazine — an antibiotic used in combination with pyrimethamine to treat toxoplasmosis; Combination therapy is usually given with folic acid supplements to reduce incidence of thrombocytopaenia. Combination therapy is most useful in the setting of HIV. Clindamycin & Spiramycin are also used.

    If these drugs alone would cure major mental illness, physicians would use them and eradicate toxoplasmosis forever.
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    May 22 2013: Morgan what i am saying is based on the established facts, well studied and researched.

    If somebody comes with a study that challenges established facts and other experts in the field endorse it, then who am i to deny it.

    Go ahead man and do it. Nobody stops you to contact concerened persons and find solutions.
  • May 20 2013: Adesh, did you even read the lead article from the Atlantic ? Maybe you wouldn't have used a big cat as a metaphor.

    The fact is , doctors have consistently claimed toxo has no effects, and have declined to pursue it.
    Without testing, especially kids with apparent behavioral problems, i don't think you can rule it out.

    By claiming that mental illness is a symptom of maladjustment or behavioral problems affecting social interactions, is just putting off actually studying the problem with an attempt at a solution.

    Lets test for it in ALL neuro and psych studies, and include it in the controls. Brazil is testing extensively now.

    I would like to see all kids about to be labled as ADHD, or bipolar, be tested before going on other meds.

    I would really like to see the prison population tested, as a control population.

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    May 18 2013: Morgan,good research...and thanks for the heads up. Both my brother and myself were physically tortured by our militaristic father as children and neglected as well as verbal abuse....both of us have had psychotic events...my brother was eventually diagnosed with depression and eventually committed suicide....Yet a major portion of families with abuse do produce mental illness...so I agree with your research in theory but I see there still remains a mechanistic approach to ruining someones brain chemistry through fear and enviornmental threats... thank you for your interest in such a serious hidden social epidemic...If you have had experience with abuse...bless you and if you are just a caring being,its good to have such a serious technician on board
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    May 17 2013: I find the article links amazing and the hypothesis that pathogens can cause mental illness quite plausible, look at syphyllis for starters , any foreign invaders be it viruses, bacterias can cause illness in the brain.. meningitis, etc. I work in Forensic Mental Health and I would say from my perspective, I have observed the main reasons for mental illnesses are: polysubstance abuse, maladjustment in childhood, poor emotional support and lack of bonding with family, in particular Mothers,stress of fitting in with society, pressure to get through school and to make a living, social issues, unrealistic dreams and expectations , leading to depression and suicide. To sum it all up read this : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/alien_archons17a.htm
    "this disease, this wetiko (cannibal) psychosis, is the greatest epidemic sickness known to man." [vii]

    We, as a species, are in the midst of a massive psychic epidemic, a virulent collective psychosis that has been brewing in the cauldron of humanity's psyche from the beginning of time.
    Like a fractal, wetiko operates on multiple dimensions simultaneously - intra-personally (within individuals), inter-personally (between ourselves), as well as collectively (as a species).
    "Cannibalism," in Forbes's words, "is the consuming of another's life for one's own private purpose or profit." [viii] Those afflicted with wetiko, like a cannibal, consume the life-force of others - human and nonhuman - for private purpose or profit, and do so without giving back something from their own lives.
    One example that symbolizes our self-destructive, collective madness is the oil companies' destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, the lungs of our planet. This is literally a full-bodied revelation showing us what we are doing to ourselves. Another literal example that is symbolically illustrating the wetiko complex in action is Monsanto _ read the above link... food for thought..
  • May 16 2013: ...by male designed and male dominated societies.....

    We need more positive orientation.
  • May 16 2013: Most mental illness is created by fully corrupt gov's and their ignorant school systems. One more way is the media. Oh yea, Ted is another.
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      May 17 2013: I agree about teh Gov and the school system but disagree about TED - why are you on it if you dont like it or think TED can cause mental illness? Perhaps you should be doing your homework? lol
      • May 17 2013: Do you understand psychology and if so, please explain what lesson --"the teachers pet", accomplishes.
      • May 17 2013: I am on Ted, because it is supposed to be the latest and greatest. I have searched site after site, trying to find someone that can push my mind.

        Do you understand gravitational lensing, light theory or gravity and do you think you can defend any, with the help of science, against me?

        Shall I laugh now?
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    May 16 2013: Most mental illnesses does not occur as a result of any physical agents like toxoplasmosis.

    They occur mostly as a result of one's difficult or faulty interaction with other people.

    A lion hardly suffers from a mental illness. This is the gift only for us humans.
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      May 17 2013: How do you know about the stats on mental illness caused by toxoplasmosis.? Have you done studies or checked cadavers ? Awkward and faulty interaction with people can be a side effect of being mentally ill eg paranoid etc,
      Actually lions in their older years will suffer from Alzeimers, this mental illness belongs to meat eaters,including meat eating humans, I learnt this from a vet, its just that lions don't live that long in general or speak our language so its not obvious. But in general I would say animals are much saner than most human beings, they don't enslave other animals , ridicule them or factory farm them. Use them for entertainment , or give them crap for being gay. So there you go :D
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        May 18 2013: Simone Hi
        I am a doctor and we are supposed to study all mental illnesses, their causes and treatment. All the past studies show that Toxoplasmosis is a rare cause of mental illness. Maladjustment to the surroundings is a major factor.

        Meat eating habits have nothing to do with mental illness, so if you are not a strict vegetarian go ahead buy some for your self without any fear.

        I fully agree with you most of people love their dog more than their neighbor.