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What does your utopian future look like?

Is your utopia a capitalist or socialist economy? Doyou allow freedom? Is the world you know embrace technology but still in touch with culture and tradition and religion? Are yoir people left brained robots, right brained artist, or both.? Do you have a world federation or an earth confederacy? What is your world like by the year 2150?

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      May 25 2013: An excellent post! I sometimes think that we are just one or two steps away from a psychological understanding of ourselves that will free us from the bonds of our fear laden conditioning.
    • Jun 16 2013: How do you figure out which kind of happiness is better than the other?
      Our minds are perfectly happy with many disastrous things that nudge dopamine receptors. (many drugs)
      [Actually, I know a way, gauge network effects perhaps.] The main pitfall of maximizing total happiness is that it doesn't consider unpredictable future, only now and perhaps predictable future.

      What does "humane" entail? Has anyone ever fully answered that question?

      Do you want to force everyone to participate? Why and how?

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