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What does your utopian future look like?

Is your utopia a capitalist or socialist economy? Doyou allow freedom? Is the world you know embrace technology but still in touch with culture and tradition and religion? Are yoir people left brained robots, right brained artist, or both.? Do you have a world federation or an earth confederacy? What is your world like by the year 2150?

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  • Jun 1 2013: My utopian society has no government at all. Rather, it is a place where there are no cities, no signs of industrialization, no technology, none of what we consider modern at all.

    In other words, everybody lives simple and one with nature. One hunts his own food, one harvests his own food, and one makes his own house, weapons, etc. Again, all of this is without technology, such as guns. Rather it is with the resources provided by nature.

    Basically, my utopian future is where everybody goes back to being like what Native Americans used to be. I believe that not only will the evil corruption of money and society disappear, an emphasis will also be placed on the concept of the family and of veering away from worldly things.

    Perhaps more importantly, humans will regain their sense of connection of nature. One should notice that now, because of our modern society, we ruthlessly kill of nature while taking it for granted. If this kind of utopian society exists, however, one can learn how to appreciate nature more. Perhaps that is the most important aspect of all of this.

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