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What does your utopian future look like?

Is your utopia a capitalist or socialist economy? Doyou allow freedom? Is the world you know embrace technology but still in touch with culture and tradition and religion? Are yoir people left brained robots, right brained artist, or both.? Do you have a world federation or an earth confederacy? What is your world like by the year 2150?

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  • May 18 2013: This is as close to "Utopia" as I want to get. Utopia would be boring and there would be nothing to give meaning to life. There is no merit or reward without challenge. No Yin without Yang, no positive values without at least the possibility of balancing negative ones.

    American capitalist democracy may be the closest thing to perfection we can or should, want to get - and it is horrible. Churchill's quote comes to mind. We can and should always strive to better it - that is where the reward comes in. Without problems, how do you achieve anything?

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