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How do we encourage creativity with diverse learners who have authority leadership issues.

Often we want to be creative but we also ask and demand respect. How do we be creative with an alpha child who is hating school and not able to work with teachers?

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    May 16 2013: I suppose you appeal to their reason and show them why it's to their advantage to respect the teacher.
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    May 16 2013: That is easy, stop demanding respect and EARN it!
  • May 16 2013: Give them materials. Give them paper without lines, blank canvases, clay, musical instruments...let them build or make whatever they feel like making. Respect their essence. Encourage them to be who they really are, to express the truth as they behold it at the moment of expression.
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    May 16 2013: Simple - you stop getting in their way.
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      May 16 2013: He is the child who needs you more than any body else.

      He is not against creativity,he dislikes authority. He needs a person who makes an effort to understand him.
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        May 16 2013: True.

        Let us not mistake him for our own illusions!

        Stand aside from him and let him see that not all authority is full of fear - and let him find his own authority.

        What is authority? It is simple - it is to be here. The hater of authority has been denied his own shadow by a hater .. by a rapist.

        How do you not-rape someone?

        You stand aside. You walk beside. Not in front and not behind.
  • May 18 2013: I think this kind of rebellious feeling exist not only in children but even in adults. We should appreciate the honesty in them to express such an feeling wherein we adults fail . My intention is not to deviate from the actual concern, but to actually add a perspective to the concern by taking it up as a concern for which we also a need an solution as well.
    An optimistic solution i found was : To switch from the default way of thinking as he says in this video :
    The effortless way of respecting things is achieved by understanding the importance of existence of those things.
    What if we can accomplish this?? What if the kid starts to understand the importance of the existance of such an system ?
    This is easy to say but difficult to inculcate in adults itself, then how are we going to help the child understand ? I propose you make them understand the way they CAN understand. If he is interested in sports - teach him through importance of being a team and following the rules. If he is interested in painting - teach him through helping him understand how different colors when sit together make it look beautiful...Does a story attract him, convey the message.. ( dont think these are silly, because i still cant recall anything that made me learn about importance of being a team player other than being in basketball team )and so on...but never PUSH.. Let him be a rebel but not anti-social.
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    May 17 2013: Creative people are often rebellious in some sort of way. But it could be arrogance for a child to reject all authority altogether. what sort of child would that turn out to be? THere is more to a school than classrooms and routines. Schools teach discipline, community life and the sense of diversity. Young people tend to have an exaggerated impression of their talent and ability until they see a vast world of talented people.
    Every child is different, hence the circumstances and situation would determine how to handle such a 'rebel' child.
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    May 16 2013: If you are a teacher, are you giving students an array of choices of projects so they can pursue what they are interested in and offer support and resources as needed?

    Have you examined your practice to assess whether you are being excessively controlling?

    Research shows that the students of authoritative teachers do far better than the students of authoritarian teachers.

    Why not have one of your colleagues observe your class during her/his prep period to give you some feedback on what you are doing that you might not realize you are doing?
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    May 16 2013: Work on such a child with a right perspective in mind.

    He is not against creativity,he despises authority , he is against a stereotype.