Olivia Williams

Middle school student, Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge

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What will students walk out of school with this summer (besides knwoledege)?

Teachers, classmates, principles, faculty; everyone at a school may effect what a student leaves school with. Is it higher or lower slef esteem (taking a look at the bullying reports this year and the major stand on cyber bullying this school year), confidence, common sense? This topic is very important in studying the pshcology of aldolescents in our communtity today.

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    May 16 2013: As you are a middle school student, what do you think you and your peers will walk out of school with? Do you feel better able to work on some of the problems and issues that interest you? I see you are interested in coding and in animal protection. I hope, then, that you feel you have better tools than you had a year ago to pursue your interests and projects independently and to work with others on learning and action. What do you think?
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    May 16 2013: They should walk out with a dream and the confidence to make it true.