Stephen Gorvett

Director, Body by Destiny

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Online gyms will be the future of health and fitness

As the web, social media and search engines continue to shape the way we share, connect and communicate across the world, will exercise become a greater demand online?

With full appreciation that equipment may be limited withing the household as the equipment stands now, but in 5-10 years will we be using completely different technologies to exercise which will be smaller, affordable and more mobile? Which will coincide with gyms beocoming online resources?

I believe that it is important that people receive the best quality information they can get and the web allows us to access that information at a click of a button so wouldn't it be extremely beneficial for people across the world to have access to the world's leading health and fitness experts at the click of a button, in the comfort of their own homes at a lower cost than current monthly gym memberships. Would there be any limitations with this? Any additional ideas, comments? Thanks.