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How much does nutrition impact your life?

What are the impacts of bad eating habits? Do you eat the recommended amounts of vegetables? Is this just about weight?

Bad eating habits can cause:

1. Low Energy
2. Depression
3. Mood Swings

These are just three among many others. Could you change your life by changing what you eat?

I believe you can. It takes a massive amount of physical and mental energy to overcome problems. You cannot focus if your brain isn't functioning correctly. Nutritional awareness could change your life. I believe your eating habits have a greater impact on your life than most realize.

What do you think?

Do you take a multivitamin? Would you consider taking a multivitamin every day if you do not already?

I would love to hear from all of you on this.


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    May 16 2013: Good topic Henry!

    I believe nutrition impacts my life a WHOLE LOT! You've heard the saying...we are what we eat? I grew up eating food out of our garden, and I still continue the practice of growing most of my own food. I have always LOVED fresh fruits, veggies and herbs, which is my main diet in the summer. I am grateful for my hunting and fishing friends who provide venison and fish....wild salmon is my favorite. My diet changes with the seasons because I prefer to eat very fresh, in season food.

    It is exactly as you say Henry....the body and mind does not work as well if we do not provide the appropriate fuel.

    I certainly would consider taking a multivitamin if I thought I needed it. However, I feel that my diet of fresh natural foods is sufficient. I go to the doctor about every 3-4 years just to check things out. All tests seem to indicate a body that is younger than my actual age.

    Poor diets cause a LOT of medical challenges, and we have the ability to influence our health with the choices we make. I choose to give myself the gift of good health by fueling the body/mind with good food:>)
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      May 16 2013: Colleen,

      As always a great response from you Colleen. So you don't think a multivitamin is necessary? I was reading recently about nutrition levels in our food supply. Apparently, many of the foods we eat today lack nutrients they once had. I think this is the result of food processing.

      However, I guess if you don't eat processed foods you may be in the clear. Does your doctor tell you multivitamins aren't necessary, or is this something you choose to do on your own?
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        May 18 2013: Thanks Henry:>)
        I think whether or not a multivitamin is helpful depends on what kind of food a person is eating. If one is eating a bunch of junk, then a multivitamin might be helpful. That doesn't make sense to me however. Why eat junk food, then have to spend money to buy vitamins?

        Anyway, vitamin supplements are processed, so it's questionable how much value is really in them. I agree that processing foods and supplements may deplete, or significantly decrease nutritional value.

        The only "processed" food I eat is frozen foods which I pick from the garden and freeze immediately, for use in the winter months. Although it is frozen, I suggest that because it is picked fresh and frozen immediately, it probably has more nutritional value than store bought foods.

        My doctor and I are partners in my health care, and she knows my lifestyle, so she makes suggestions, and knows that I will consider it. She often suggests vitimin D supplements in the winter months because we are in an area where we don't get a lot of sun for a few months. Sometimes I take them and sometimes not.....depends on how I feel. I listen to the body, as well as explore lots of information, which helps me make health care decisions. I am also familiar with the systems of the body/mind and the interconnections, so listening to the body helps quite a bit:>)
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          May 18 2013: Colleen,

          Thank you for making me do my research. Many studies show that multivitamins may even be harmful to your health. Many others suggest it is a waste of money.

          I had always assumed multivitamins were an essential part of a healthy diet. We live and learn. I probably wont be quitting my vitamin routine just yet, but I will definitely not rely on them as heavily.

          It's always a good feeling when I learn something new. Especially something I could have just searched for on the internet. It goes to show that research is important.

          Thanks for your responses Colleen. This is why I love reading your posts!
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        May 18 2013: I think a lot of people assume multivitamins are good Henry. The fact is, the value of taking multivitamins has been questioned and researched for quite awhile....good you discovered the information:>)

        I think natural, organic foods are the BEST for our health:>)

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