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How much does nutrition impact your life?

What are the impacts of bad eating habits? Do you eat the recommended amounts of vegetables? Is this just about weight?

Bad eating habits can cause:

1. Low Energy
2. Depression
3. Mood Swings

These are just three among many others. Could you change your life by changing what you eat?

I believe you can. It takes a massive amount of physical and mental energy to overcome problems. You cannot focus if your brain isn't functioning correctly. Nutritional awareness could change your life. I believe your eating habits have a greater impact on your life than most realize.

What do you think?

Do you take a multivitamin? Would you consider taking a multivitamin every day if you do not already?

I would love to hear from all of you on this.


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  • May 16 2013: Hi Henry!
    I believe this too, absolutely.

    We enjoy making and eating home-cooked meals, using fresh ingredients and, as I always say, a dash of 'extra lovin'' My kids actually need to watch me take a 'pinch' of love from my heart and toss it into the pan or over their plates like garnish before they'll eat it. When the weather gets better, I can't wait to harvest the veggies we sowed in the garden (if the rabbits don't get them first)!

    When I was young and had no strings that tied me down, playing gigs till the early hours and waking up late, I ate poorly! Fast food, microwave meals, or sometimes nothing at all! I'm almost ashamed, looking back, that I would treat my body with so little respect. I guess I had energy to spare in those days!
    Now, besides three meals a day (there's that magic number again!!), we take vitamin supplements every day as well (B, C and E) which help us against all the germs our kids bring home from school!
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      May 16 2013: Lizanne,

      I think eating home-cooked meals is a great way to keep your diet healthy. What's your favorite recipe to make at home? Do you experiment much?
      • May 16 2013: Henry, I never know what I'm going to make, I just toss stuff together till it tastes good... Or hope it does, anyway. I do have a couple 'safe' meals, (you know, when people are coming or something), like this one, my "Not So Swedish Meatballs":
        - 500gr of minced meat
        - an egg
        - bread crumbs (toasted bread crumbled)
        - spring onion and garlic
        - some veggie
        - meat bouillon
        - Ketjap Ajam (sweet soy sauce)
        - red wine
        - plain yoghurt

        First I add the meat, egg and bread crumbs in a bowl and smoosh it all together by hand.
        Then, I roll the meatballs, which is always good fun.
        I throw some olive oil in a deep pan and toss in the sliced spring onion and a few cloves of garlic.
        I chop up the veggie (zucchini or mushrooms work really well) and let them simmer with the onion.
        When the veggies are sort of soft-ish (after a few minutes) I put in the meatballs, and immediately add the Ketjap Ajam (sweet soy sauce) and a shlock of red wine.
        Then I add the bouillon by crumbling it directly into the pan. None of this mixing it in hot water! Just throw it in.
        I stick the lid on and let it simmer for a bit, stirring a few times.
        Finally, about 5 minutes before you serve it up, add a few dollops of yoghurt. This gives it a fresh and slightly tangy flavor.

        Serve with anything - lovely brown bread, potatoes, fries, pasta, rice...

        And now, what's yours??

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