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How much does nutrition impact your life?

What are the impacts of bad eating habits? Do you eat the recommended amounts of vegetables? Is this just about weight?

Bad eating habits can cause:

1. Low Energy
2. Depression
3. Mood Swings

These are just three among many others. Could you change your life by changing what you eat?

I believe you can. It takes a massive amount of physical and mental energy to overcome problems. You cannot focus if your brain isn't functioning correctly. Nutritional awareness could change your life. I believe your eating habits have a greater impact on your life than most realize.

What do you think?

Do you take a multivitamin? Would you consider taking a multivitamin every day if you do not already?

I would love to hear from all of you on this.


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    May 16 2013: Remaining healthy physically and mentally should be a way of life.
    There is no bigger wealth than our health.

    What we
    eat and
    spend (exercise)
    determines our health.
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      May 16 2013: Adesh,

      Thanks for the response. What do you do in your life to stay physically and mentally healthy? Any tips you can share?
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        May 17 2013: As I said i do three things
        I try to Be Happy as far as possible
        I eat sparingly, a high protein and low carb and low fat diet. I take nutritional suppliments.
        I regularly walk 30min, Jog 17 min, streching exercise and Yoga (including Surya namaskar ie Salutation to Sun) 40 min and end my session with a prayer (i sing) , In the evening i do swimming but not very regular.

        I am 175 cm and weigh 70 -72 kg My BMI body mass index is 22 -23

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