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How much does nutrition impact your life?

What are the impacts of bad eating habits? Do you eat the recommended amounts of vegetables? Is this just about weight?

Bad eating habits can cause:

1. Low Energy
2. Depression
3. Mood Swings

These are just three among many others. Could you change your life by changing what you eat?

I believe you can. It takes a massive amount of physical and mental energy to overcome problems. You cannot focus if your brain isn't functioning correctly. Nutritional awareness could change your life. I believe your eating habits have a greater impact on your life than most realize.

What do you think?

Do you take a multivitamin? Would you consider taking a multivitamin every day if you do not already?

I would love to hear from all of you on this.


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    May 15 2013: Some people state that the core problem with the optimum diet is missing trace minerals. The theory being that before dams were built the top soil of the farm land was replenished. IMO opinion the benchmark on this is flavor, if you taste home grown tomatoes compared to store bought the difference is amazing.

    The question is what is the optimum diet for humans. I would say dead animals is part of the diet but not ones filled with hormones. Certainly vegetables but organic might be better because of the aforementioned.
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      May 15 2013: Pat,

      First let me say thank you for a well thought out response. Do you take a multivitamin daily? What does your daily diet consist of? Fresh fruit and veggies definitely do have a better taste. We have farmer's markets here in Florida. Do you have any of those near you?
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        May 15 2013: No to the vitamin question. Dead animals and vegetables.Fresh is not the only thing it is vegetables that have the trace minerals. Yea organic farms are quite the thing these days and is cool for a number of reasons.
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          May 16 2013: Pat,

          Do you buy groceries from a local market? I love the fresh fruit and veggies. The strawberries and cherries are just amazing!

          No vitamins huh? Any reason you don't take them? Have you ever considered it?
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        May 16 2013: I have tried them but did not notice a difference.

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