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Which is more important; level of education or years of experience?

Recently an institution I work with has adapted a "talent management" system of determining a person's pay scale, title, etc. Many people who have held a job for years may have their jobs "down-graded" due to lack of educational degrees even though they are top in their fields with 15 or more years of experience. In a talent management approach, which is more important; talent gained through education or talent gained through years of doing the job?


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  • May 15 2013: It sounds ridiculous to me to try to measure talent by the way you got your skills instead of the skills themselves. On one hand a degree is the easiest and fastest way to prove you have the necessary skills for certain job, but on the other hand a degree may also say you are capable of something you forgot years ago. Indeed knowledge is a very important aspect of "talent", however a formal academic process is not the only way to achieve (quality) knowledge.

    I think, doing your job effectively and efficiently is a whole lot more important than how you learned it.
    • May 16 2013: I completely agree and think you said it well, George QT! Education can open the gates to the opportunities but you have to be able to perform to stay on that level.
      • May 16 2013: Not only that, practice is what makes the master, people also learn by doing, which by the way is the new trend in college education.

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