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Is our socio-economic system outdated? And if so, what would be the solution?

All this suffering, corruption, and war in the world seems to be a trend through out history, could it be that its the foundation of our socio-economic system, which is based upon scarcity (not enough resources to go around), labor, and demand the main contributor to all these problems? For statistical, everyone on the planet can be fed, housed, clothed, and have a healthy state of mind, with the help of technology actually put towards making efficient, sustainable, life supporting goods, instead of unsustainable products like weapons and chemicals for war and genetically modified organisms in our foods. Which combined has declined every life supporting system on the planet.

What do you think?


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      May 16 2013: I see what your saying. But look at it from this perspective. What if people that want all this extra power and to separate societies to control resources, do it because that is what is rewarded in our paradigm. Think about it, what is the driving mechanism for our economic system? Self-preservation and Self-Interest. Controlling resources and taking away from others is a way of self-preserving either for yourself, your family, or your business.

      The corporations that are exploiting resources and labor around the world and even in our own countries, do it because that is what is rewarded financially in society. Doesn't matter what you do to make money, even if it means exploiting other people, or worse, even your own, as long as you are continuously growing and self-preserving your establishment. That is what our socio-economic system has been based on ageing back to the ancient Egyptians.

      Dont get me wrong we have made it a long way with respects to technology, but the bedrock of society has always been money, labor, and competition. Which breeds inequality, classism (wealth gap), exploitation of resources for self-preservation, and not to mention the worst one of all, the rich ruling elite. Which debunks the myth that we actually have a democracy, we don't, you either have great wealth in the hands of few, or democracy, but you cannot have both.

      So i bring up the question once again, is our socio-economic system, which is based on money, labor, and competition, the best way of ensuring human prosperity in all categories of health? Or is the foundation of our socio-economic system the source of symptoms such as corruption, greed, and inequality?

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