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Would you like the idea of equestrian centers being part of school programs??

Sciences behind Classic riding.
Would you or a member of your family would try to learn on a horseback?
Horseback riding may sound a strange way to learn, but behind this beautiful activity so much science would have to be apply in order to reach a natural balance and harmony, to reach that point, humans would first have to
exercise mind and body. Plato, Xenophon, and many other masters use equitation as a figurative and practical example to describe a well balance being.

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    May 17 2013: A friend share this link with me today..from early this month.. the law of attraction works so well. take a look at this wonderful doctor teaching with the use of horses. HA!!!!!!!
  • May 15 2013: Jorge,
    We do need to respect our roots.
    Horse riding has played a major role in America and throughout the world.

    However, incidences of bodily injury are higher than one might expect.
    In fact during the Great Depression of the 1930's, Disability payments
    from Insurance Companies bankrupted several of them.

    Something you might want to consider when dealing with inexperienced
    youths and wild animals. (including tamed horses)

    I am all for Riding and Racing Horses. I have done Western riding only.
    There may be areas of the country that do not have quarter horses.
    My experience is limited. No opinion about other areas of the country.

    When I went to college it was without a student loan, or a scholarship.
    So I don't think that educators that put students in debt are doing them
    anything good.

    A scholarship activity should come with healthcare provided upon injury.
    I fear that healthcare will be used extensively by inexperienced youths.

    Stables and Riding Trails would be a prerequisite to have in-place first.

    There could be more expenses than are reasonable to expect when
    seeking funding for a scholarship.
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      May 17 2013: Buenos dias Frank,
      I hear what you are saying.
      The Idea is founded with the experience I have training horse and few people during the years .
      Horses work miracles, please let me share this thought with you;
      "Equitation is intimately linked to the art of living, many of their basic rules also serve us in the day bye day, It help us find physical and especially moral balance in the building of our character.
      The horse allow men the power to enter the thoughts and feelings of another being this help Us to acquire a more sensitive conduct and improve our personality" having spend time with horses your self.You must known the positive impact on human beings. The Idea is to work together schools and equestrian centers under the same civil regulations as they have been functioning until now. The youth of today barely understand about animals and plants... lets get back to our planet roots, lets teach children to love, if they learn to love nature perhaps is a big chance they will take care of it for the years to come. (I become panic when I see beautiful young man playing these destructive video games, all they learn is the" know how" to kill) I think it is very possible for schools to develop this equestrian program. for the benefit of the community.
      • May 17 2013: Jorge Contreras.
        I salute you.

        I have the same feelings.
        You have expressed them much much better
        than I could have done.

        Today, we live in a world filled with Hatred,
        and fueled by Movies and Video Games.
        We can not turn back the clock of time.

        A sadness has overcome me.
        Thank you
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      May 15 2013: Zx Style, thanks for your opinion, I see you raising some interesting points, Horses can educate, these animals don't see colours of skin or sexual orientations.
      I think just spending time with these animals, humans can confront fears, and fear is a powerful enemy during learning.
  • May 15 2013: We here in America have slowly grown out of horse activities.
    We have quite a lot of horses here, and a few schools do have
    programs related to equestrian riding. I refer to mostly small and
    rural schools. Some colleges and Universities have studies that
    relate to horsemanship. The University of Arizona studies race
    horses, and their training.
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      May 15 2013: I know a few University's involved with several equestrian sports like rodeos and polo, dont you think it will be great if a equestrian time will be include during a scholarship activity in other areas of the country?
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    May 15 2013: I would have loved to learn horseback riding, but, as I grew up in an urban area, the expense would have been prohibitive, other than for the affluent.
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      May 15 2013: I hear you loud and clear Fritzie, my idea is to allow people in the city with hectic lifestyles spend time learning using a partner program on the equestrian centers.
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        May 15 2013: People are allowed to now if they are willing to pay the asking price for it and are able to get themselves to the stables.

        I see you are in Spain, so what I am visualizing based on the geography and location of equestrian facilities around here may be very different from what you see in Spain. For example, the only livestock in the city where I live would be chickens, other than at the zoo. There might be a few potbelly pigs. No cows, no horses, not even, I think, goats.
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          May 15 2013: Well then Idea can work, were other areas want to get rid of horses one way or another, it would be a great project to introduce horses in your area.
          The Idea is to let children and adults interact with horses and learn from them.