Swapnil Chitnis

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This is the era of computers. However, I think that the community should be involved in this. We should stop following proprietary platforms

Let me start with an example. When I got my first computer a decade ago, it was running a proprietary operating system. After just a few years of use, it just started crashing. Now, I thought this is just not going to work. But, when I installed an open-source operating system, the computer was up running at it's best at the latest version. Now, have a look at this: An open-source platform cares for its users. But, that's not the case with their proprietary counterparts. The latter is more money-minded. If the community gets the control, we can get a better output. In this way we can save the environment as the open-source platforms consume less resources doing the same job. So, do you think it's fair to make everything open?