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What is it about 'three'?

"Good things come in threes."
"Third time's the charm."
"Two's company, three's a crowd"
Being a third wheel... having a three-way... a love triangle...
The Rule of three... the top three...
Could ""omne trium perfectum" be fact?

If I type the word "three" into the search bar here on TED, I get a page full of threes. 3 reasons to do this, 3 ways to achieve that...

What is about three?


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    May 17 2013: Three simply means 'complete'.
    the word complete can be related to ultimate goal, ultimate happiness, ultimate destruction, ultimate mystery, ultimate gift etc.
    the pattern with three is completely 'natural'.
    the ultimate goal is enlightenment...(third eye)
    ultimate gift.....man+woman=child (third life )
    It means 'complete ' because there are various natural things and processes which doesn't need to be complete...
    so only the 'ultimate' combinations of nature require the 'third' to be complete !
    Hence, whenever we come across any 'ultimate' natural combination which requires the 'third' or which already consist of the 'third'...one is simply drawn towards this art of three...
    In order to know you will have to drop the 'knowledge'...as knowing is different from knowledge.
    So let's try to drop the 'knowledge' that evolution is continuous process (only for this question, as it will be 'known' once it is dropped).
    alternative for this 'three' pattern can be " true nature of existence: Evolution"...where the 'third' stands for the evolved one!!!
    • May 18 2013: Thanks so much for your comment, Samuel!
      I never thought of superlatives!
      And becoming a family can only happen when a third member is made, indeed.

      "Knowing is different from knowledge" - well said.

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