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What is it about 'three'?

"Good things come in threes."
"Third time's the charm."
"Two's company, three's a crowd"
Being a third wheel... having a three-way... a love triangle...
The Rule of three... the top three...
Could ""omne trium perfectum" be fact?

If I type the word "three" into the search bar here on TED, I get a page full of threes. 3 reasons to do this, 3 ways to achieve that...

What is about three?


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    May 16 2013: Lizanne... interesting question

    I am not sure what it is about the #3. I will share that for some unknown reasons it shows up at some significant moments in my life; I got married on 3/3/90 (90 divisible by 3), we said our "i DO" at 3:33 pm (a friend documented the time), we have 3 children 2 born in march, I am the 3rd child of six born on 10/3.... I think it is all rather odd but,if the number 3 is telling me something I have yet to discover an answer!

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