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Is Education Reform Really Possible?

In watching several talks on education reform here in the United States, I began to wonder, is this reform actually possible? I ask this because currently in order to enact any reform one must be a certified teacher, attempting to reform a failed system, but in order to do so one must be a product of this failed education system. So I am curious to hear other takes on this issue. Keep in mind I am not a teacher, merely a philosophy student who finds the circular issue of reform coming from within an already failed system troublesome.


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    May 15 2013: Mostly if you get the government out of the education business it will reform as with any other business
    • May 16 2013: Pat,
      I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Indeed I believe that if we remove the department of education and allow education to be reformed than it will move further and be more successful than it currently is. I just responded to someone else that my problem is that specifically in secondary schools, all we really teach is how to regurgitate information. There is no real teaching of the concepts behind such information.
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        May 16 2013: Yup as I have stated so many times on this website it makes me want to regurgitate, the key is application which cuts through the memorization required by the central planners (thank you once again Jimmy Carter). It also is how you get out of the "mid level clerical work".

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