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What are some of the key differences in cultures of success and cultures of failure?

Has anyone studied this phenomenon? Is there a Talk on this and I just missed it.
What is the difference in the company culture at Apple compared to Compaq? Facebook vs. MySpace. The Bengals football organization vs. The Patriots. Schools who consistently have graduation rates of 98% vs. those who schools who have < 50% of their students?
It just seems that those organizations who “win” keep winning and those who “lose” keep loosing so why is that? Any ideas?


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    May 15 2013: I believe that the major difference is mindset but as Edward Long mentioned, depends how you define success? Success to one person may be about waking up in the morning and knowing that they are breathing and their hearts are beating but another person may see success as making a $1,000,000. I have recently been listening a lot of biographies, talks and interviews with people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Google's biography and one thing that seems common throughout is the extraordinary mindsets that these people and organisations have. The self belief, creativity, courage, contribution, commitment that seems a common theme throghout these people seems to be the foundation to all success (depending on your definition of this). I believe that all success begins from the inside out and I can happily provide the links etc. to these talks if you like Jon?
    • May 15 2013: This is close to what I was getting at. Please send those links. I think it would be a good starting place.

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