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Are the Common Core standards preparing our students to become college and career ready?

Do you believe that the common core standards are a movement in the right direction for our education system?

Will our students really be college and career ready?


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  • May 15 2013: Considering the exponential advancement of Robotics, Automation & Technology in our Society, and their relationship to the Careers you referenced, We Really have No grasp of what the future holds. The same goes for College. It is not difficult to see that the whole Concept of College is changing dramatically with Automation & Consolidation as a major theme.

    My point is this: Keep the Core Standards in mind but only very very lightly. We need free thinkers...Not more robots.

    If you're a teacher, thank you for teaching.
    • May 15 2013: Thank yo for your comment. I agree that the concept of college is changing. I wonder if teachers are taking that into consideration? I wonder if teachers are using the standards in ways to help their students become prepared for the real world?

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