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The removal of all patents

Just curious of what people's future would depict


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    May 19 2013: Copied from TED Talk with Elon Musk CA- Chris Anderson EM- Elon Musk
    EM: Well, we've made significant advances in the technology of the airframe, the engines, the electronics and the launch operation. There's a long list of innovations that we've come up with there that are a little difficult to communicate in this talk, but --

    CA: Not least because you could still get copied, right? You haven't patented this stuff. It's really interesting to me.

    EM: No, we don't patent. CA: You didn't patent because you think it's more dangerous to patent than not to patent.

    EM: Since our primary competitors are national governments, the enforceability of patents is questionable. (Laughter)

    If patents do not make sense to Elon, then that's good enough for me.
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      May 19 2013: I have heard this before also. Layman always want to get a patent but guys who have done it say just see if it sells, you best protection is distribution.
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        May 21 2013: can you please elaborate - you best protection is distribution ... please... it may help me take the decision about my new invention to be marketed,.. please
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          May 21 2013: It is a fair piece of change to go through the patent process.

          Guys who have many patents will tell you to see if the item sells. The reason is that all inventor types are absolutely convinced that they have the greatest idea ever so they are very secretive and go though many iterations and expenses before finding out if they have a viable product.

          The question ANYBODY has to ask before they start a business is:

          Do I have something that will sell .

          Until you get an answer to this it is all just mental masturbation. So why spend money on something that may not sell?

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