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The removal of all patents

Just curious of what people's future would depict


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  • May 16 2013: What do you want from your patents anyway ?

    Fame, fortune, scientific acknowledgement ? Knowing all the lawyers in your region and learning the ICC ?

    With the death of money coming, how would that change your answer?

    You are never going to get to keep your invention if it really is revolutionary.
    It will be knocked off in a chinese factory before you can even get it into production. At another chinese factory.
    Or a corporation will claim an infringement, and sue even if it is not even remotely related.

    I think that what is going to eventually happen, is that we will end up having/getting to vote, kickstarter like , for projects toys, and tools, we want to go forward.
    You will also see that at some point, you will vote for state, regional, and nationwide projects the same way.

    Pick where to put highways, business parks, and finally, space projects and the like.

    If you don't log on and vote for projects, you won't get to vote for representatives and criminalizing laws.

    Would be nice if we got to vote on trade agreements and laws to remove too....
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      May 16 2013: What I want from my patents would take me a long time to think about, but I can easily tell you what I have gotten from patents as an inventor:

      1. Increased ability to raise funding, and increased valuation
      2. Increased barrier to competition
      3. Some marketing value
      4. As far as career development goes, I'm not ashamed to say that being recognized as the original inventor of something is helpful to my career.

      If I had to put my inventions all up for a vote, I would not be inventing. That's what the market is for. You vote with your $.

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