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What story do you think would motivate increased support for education?

History shows that an appropriately powerful story can drive support for education at levels from the student in the desk to the budget decision makers on Capitol Hill. The space race is the best recent example. What are your ideas for stories that could ignite the public imagination and fuel a similar, large-scale renaissance?


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  • Apr 6 2011: One in which creativity and individuality are upheld as things to be greatly honored, while also maintaining a sense of co-existence with the other living creatures and people on this planet.

    The greatest story we can tell our children (and ourselves) now is that we have far greater capacity for creation and destruction than we are aware of, and that we have the ability to make things happen for ourselves. The universe is ever expanding, ever changing, as well as our understanding of the physics that describe those changes. The best thing we can do now is to release the reins of control. The renaissance would erupt spontaneously and take us further than we can imagine. I guess in a way the story we should tell ourselves to bring about this change would be one of endless possibility and imagination.

    No more standardization, no more government control, no more homogenization. Allow individuals to flourish within a community, and that community will flourish as well.

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