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Should males be treated as superior to female counterparts, in any sphere of life? Why or why not?

While the world is trying hard for women empowerment, there exist large disparities in many countries.... physically, mentally and socially !!! so the topic is fit and open for debate


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    May 15 2013: Vaneesh if you can define superiority than i can give your answer.

    Can You define superiority?
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      May 19 2013: Hi Adesh !!! Superiority being a quality need to be defined but may be understood as a relative term..... something/someone can be superior only in context of something/ relative to something. In itself nothing is superior. Gold is superior to brass in some context but brass is superior to gold in some other context. At the same time, when gold and brass are mutually exclusive... in the case of males and females their existence is mutually dependent!!! Man cannot be without woman and vice-versa.....

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