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Should people working with disabilities be given an income tax created/reduction?

If you can get a tax create for each dependent, why not one for staying independent.

I think/hope many countries give benefits to those with disabilities that can’t work, and that is great.
But how about people with disabilities (that could take disability aid) but chose to work instead?
Employers generally don’t pay them as much; If because they are not as productive or because the employer is taking advantage of their disability, does not really matter.

I don’t want to make this about my own issues, so I’ll just say that my prime earning years have not been that prime thanks largely to my own health issue.
I know my opinion is bias on this, and would like to hear what others think.

Should people like Janine Shepherd, Sue Austin and Aimee Mullins be given credit for living the virtue of self-reliance?

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    May 15 2013: G'day Don

    In Australia we have a good supportive disability system however for those who can obtain paying work to what ever extent they should in my mind get a tax break. I tutored people with a wide range of disabilities & some of them worked twice as hard as most able people I know so yes definitely give them a break.

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      May 15 2013: Thank you for your reply and tutoring to people with disabilities.

      In the US we have Social Security Disability and people can work up to 10-hours per week, or about $1,040 per month. (That is about 2/3rds the amount they would get on SSD) they go over that amount and they loss their SSD.
      So the system encourages people to stay dependent and the government.
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        May 15 2013: G'day Don

        In Australia a married person older than 21 yrs old can earn $2705.60 before being totally cut off, they can earn $268 a fortnight without payments being affected, anything over that 40 cents within the dollar is deducted from their payments.

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          May 16 2013: Impressive numbers and I just read that your PM introduced a tax bill that would better found care for those with disabilities.

          Australians should be proud, for how those in need are treated tells a lot amount a country and its people.
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    May 21 2013: I should add to me there are three rules/stages to being charitable;
    A. Do your best not to need charity
    B. Do your best to insure you will never charity
    C. Give to those that need help to do the three stages.

    I fully understand the desire to help those you can’t help themselves, and that is great.
    But to me I want to help people that want to help themselves and just need a hand to do so.
    And people making the effect to work with a disability are more likely to pay it forward.

    So don’t just pay it forward, pay it forward to those who also will pay it forward.