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Is there a balance between vulnerability and taking control?

I have just watched 'The Power of Vulnerability' talk by Brene Brown and I am eager to hear other people's thoughts on something which has been pulling me in opposite directions recently.

Throughout all of my personal development work these last few years I have explored many things from religion, to spirituality to NLP, life coaching, yoga and have spent a lot of time setting goals, visualising, creating plans and strategies and taking control of my life. I have been following Anthony Robbins closely, listening to his audios and attending seminars and one of his greatest quotes is "it's not the events in our lives that shape our destiny, it's our decisions" which makes me believe that we need to be very conscious of the decisions and actions we take from moment to moment.

I recently read a book summary of 'A Return To Love' by Marianne Williamson who talks a lot about vulnerability and surrendering (maybe not those words exactly but how I interpreted them) which I feel challenges my belief about being in control. After just watching this talk by Brene Brown I wanted to share my thoughts and hear other people's beliefs around this. Do you surrender your life and live moment to moment as it happens to you? Or do you take control of your life, set your goals, intentions and desires from day to day? Or is there a balance in these two aspects being complimentary? Hope this all makes sense and I look forward to the feedback, thanks


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