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DOJ Secretly Obtains Months Of AP Phone Records; AP Condemns 'Unprecedented Intrusion'

On 5-12-13 the DOJ notified the Associated Press that they were under investigation for over two years and had obtained all telephone conversations over a unspecified time frame throughout all AP offices and switchboards.

Only one person could authorize this type of investigation the AG himself.
The administration keeps saying how shocked they are but no one has been fired, censured, or replaced ....

The debate is: Has "Big Brother" become a reality.

This was reported by the far left leaning and highly in favor of the current administration ... the Huffington Post. Again not a national story.


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    May 14 2013: Edward and Robert, I apologize for misunderstanding and truly appreciate your replies. I am a bit embarrassed but, quite honestly I am beginning to loose sight of fact from fiction! Is there a hidden agenda? I too bare no grudge for those that accumulate wealth, It's not something I ever aspired to. Again, I thank you for your kind replies and I will muster up the courage to keep pace.
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      May 15 2013: MEJ, If we are going to confess to our errors I am much older and it would take much longer. I have made replies that were "out of tune" and have tasted the "crow".

      Your reply was kind and generous. Thank You. Bob

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