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DOJ Secretly Obtains Months Of AP Phone Records; AP Condemns 'Unprecedented Intrusion'

On 5-12-13 the DOJ notified the Associated Press that they were under investigation for over two years and had obtained all telephone conversations over a unspecified time frame throughout all AP offices and switchboards.

Only one person could authorize this type of investigation the AG himself.
The administration keeps saying how shocked they are but no one has been fired, censured, or replaced ....

The debate is: Has "Big Brother" become a reality.

This was reported by the far left leaning and highly in favor of the current administration ... the Huffington Post. Again not a national story.

  • May 14 2013: I do not understand why this is a story at all.

    I thought the administration had already stated that it was the mission of the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor all forms of electronic communication, including communications within the USA. I am confident that the NSA is doing a good job.

    Big Brother has been with us for a while now. He is still young and learning to use his muscles.
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      May 14 2013: I think it is a story. I think it is useful for the public to be informed of new interpretations or extensions of the first amendment, if that is what this is.

      I also think the issue of transparency in government, once it has been made a campaign or policy issue, is relevant to be followed up as a story when something has potentially broad implications. I don't mean it in a sense that the government needs to reveal investigative strategy on matters of national security but that they should expect to have to say something afterwards when asked.

      If it is not, in fact, an unprecedented extension or interpretation of the first amendment, I would agree it would be less of a story.

      I would absolutely expect a news organization to bring such a story forward and for other news organizations to pick it up, as it potentially affects any of them.
    • May 16 2013: I thought the same thing. I guess though, what NSA does is somehow different, although technically the same. When the DOJ acts, it must be under the pretense of established law, where as NSA has extralegal status of their investigations. The American people know very little about NSA and would be terrified if they did. Also i dont think NSA can use any of its information in a court room/legal type setting, its weird but it is kind of differant
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    May 14 2013: The current administration is teaching Americans about the equality of all citizens with emphasis on the "More Equal" status of the ruling elite. POTUS lets DOJ, DHS, FBI, IRS, the State Department; etc. etc. operate under the rules of "Get 'er done". Barack Hussein Obama is at the helm and the ship of state is progressing steadily toward the brave new world. Has Big Brother become a reality? If, by "reality", you mean become an unchecked, unchallenged, sovereign controller of every aspect of life in America, I think the answer is "No". There is, however, steady,daily progress toward assimilating the few remaining areas of freedom into the liberal utopia known as Camelot. Then we can all enjoy lasting peace, harmony and health insurance, all the things the Constitution is keeping us from now. Clinton/Huffington in '16!
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      May 14 2013: Aha yes the days of Nirvana, the age of aquarius, camelot, and holding hands singing cunbia. Kinda makes you sad that koolade has replaced the bong. Guess that is progress.

      Kinda brings a tear to ones eyes .... the Constitution just keeps getting in the way.

      Enough of this I must get back to rowing before I feel the cat-o-nine-tails on me back.
  • May 16 2013: America needs to wake up before we find ourselves in 1984.
  • May 15 2013: I am quite happy the gov is sending this message to all the news agencies and anyone else that would dare challenge any part of the government. The only entity that can create the gov demise, is the gov itself.
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    May 15 2013: no...thank you Bob!
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    May 14 2013: Edward and Robert, I apologize for misunderstanding and truly appreciate your replies. I am a bit embarrassed but, quite honestly I am beginning to loose sight of fact from fiction! Is there a hidden agenda? I too bare no grudge for those that accumulate wealth, It's not something I ever aspired to. Again, I thank you for your kind replies and I will muster up the courage to keep pace.
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      May 15 2013: MEJ, If we are going to confess to our errors I am much older and it would take much longer. I have made replies that were "out of tune" and have tasted the "crow".

      Your reply was kind and generous. Thank You. Bob
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    May 14 2013: the world has become far more complicated. This 21st enemy of the state wears many different faces and can be found in far reaching corners of our planet. Now, I am not the paranoid type and I read with much discretion( “The highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others,” Socrates once said.)

    We have been living under "cloak and dagger" for goodness knows how long. If in fact the AP has reported information that has breached nation security, the 1st amendment serves as no protection. No Big Brother here just fighting a battle larger and more aggressive then I recall.

    Edward, I must agree with you that "The current administration is teaching Americans about the equality of all citizens with emphasis on the "More Equal" status of the ruling elite." I believe the "elite 1%" are loosing hold and will do what ever it takes to keep it. I say "Serfdom" is dead gentleman. The playing field is leveling and get used to it!
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      May 14 2013: MEJ, Perhaps I did not understand Edwards comment the same as you. You state the "elite class" as the 1% or the wealth americans .... I believe the "elite class" to mean those holding political power and are above the laws they impose on others.

      As an example the members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Cabnet members who have exempted themselves from Obamacare as it is for the public not the "elite ruling class".

      In your last sentence you infer the playing field is being leveled. IMO the scales will indicate two classes if we procede on the current path. Royality / elite and the scond being everyone else.

      As you may know Edward is quite Conservative .... perhaps he was have a little fun here. Perhaps the part about ..all of the things the Constitution is keeping us from .. may give it away.

      Then again I may be reading to much into it.

      As always. I wish you well. Bob.
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        May 15 2013: I always got the impression that the 1% wealthy elite were the ones who chose the 1% political ruling class.
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      May 14 2013: My half-witted sarcasm gets me into some tight spots. I could not be more vehemently opposed to the current administration if they came here and kicked my dog! I believe Barack Hussein Obama is actively opposed to the American Way and is aggressively implementing a New Socialist Deal. Orwell wrote, in his prophetic book Animal Farm, that the political power brokers and officeholders were always telling the people that everyone is equal, "But we are more equal!" I am a Free Capitalist. I bear no grudge against the rich. It is Clinton. Obama, Holder, Napolitano, et. al, that I fear. Sorry about the confusion, Mary Ellen.
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    May 14 2013: Why do you write it is not a national story? It is featured on the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and in my local paper. Those are only the ones I have checked.

    I don't watch network or cable news, so I can't speak to that.
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      May 14 2013: Sorry, Here in podunk the papers I have access to have not covered it yet. I do watch about four different news channels and have not heard about it from them either. I did post this sorta quick. I could have waited for more info. Perhaps good advice for next time.

      As always. Thanks. Bob.
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        May 14 2013: It's coming up, I am sure. The lead story in my local paper is split in two sections side by side. One is about the IRS targeting the conservative groups and Obama's response to it. The other is about AP's letter and the DOJ's getting the phone records. It's not a good week for the White House.
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          May 14 2013: Not just the last week ... seems to be something every week since the election starting with the use of drone against US citizens ....

          Thanks. Bob.