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Are multiple personalities common amongst everyone, or only with the gifted??

What is Multiple Personality?? Its when a Person has a schizophrenic tendency. Possessing a Kaleidoscope of identities / behaviour. But is this common only amongst those susceptible to this random act of 'delusions'.
Its not the same as Dissociative identity disorder

This is only my personal hypothesis, We all have it. Every single being has a boardroom filled with various personalities. Interacting with our Conscious on various levels of awareness. From our Subconscious to Consciousness. Every Personality has its domain and its reign, being educated with our daily life lessons and experiences. Once those lessons become instinctive, it's reaches a level that those Personalities Automatically engages.
These attributes is present during youth, our invisible friends are most common then, we confide in them and have interesting talks with them, this part of our self education. Some innate Personality being more negative and aggressive either through negative visual stimulation or stress relating to aggression:- inflicted on the victim or seen done to someone with deep connection with the Victim.

Every stimulation has its personality, a level of education taught by the constant introduction to that specific but random stimulation. This is done on a Micro cellular level and at Nanosecond speeds. Our internal physiology clock and bio-mechanical functions occur at speeds far superior than the Reality we perceive. Our soul is the trigger mechanism interacting with each personality at speeds that could only be understood and analysed at Femto speed. Learning how the body reacts to various stimulation is remarkable. Our greatest quandary is how our mind interact with such perfection and with each and every single cell's mundane task efficiently. Being alive in this moment with such mechanical precision. consuming so little energy for those task. With highest concentration of energy, being consumed by the brain. For creative thought and Imaginative ingenuity


Closing Statement from Yusuf Mallie

I would like to say that we need to be more intune with our Multiple Personality. Even if you don't believe you have it. You will discover it, when you allow yourself to be open Minded. Meditation is the Best form of Inner discoveries. There is various forms of Meditation. I particular have been introduced to a specific Meditation at a very early age and used It extensively for self healing.

Physical chronic pain, is the most difficult Trauma to overcome. I have been in Pain since my accident in 2010, till now. It has been a Horrendous and horrifying experience. Constant Pain, Numbness in Limbs and extremities. You cannot focus on anything, even Meditation. You need some kind of Pain blocker to concentrate and try and meditate. I had to overdose myself with sleeping tablets. Even high dosage of Pain tablets or Spinal Blocks had no effect. I had to overdose myself with 5 to 6 sleeping tablets to get a good nights rest.
Since I have been, a very difficult sleeper due to the pain. It would take me longer to fall asleep even with an Overdose. It was during these session, I have encountered the various brain states from the Conscious to subconscious. I could feel each one switching off while I was Blogging on my facebook page. It happened several time. It was then I was re-introduced to this notion of multiple personality syndrome. I could interact with heightened consciousness with my subconscious. I was amazed how my mind could relate to old memories and refresh it with New one's concocting new Innovation and inventions.

I have realized that out of my 35 life threatening, horrific accidents and calamities, there is a purpose for me. Lots of people don't see my Creative Vision. With specific meditation I could pinpoint and ascertain the best case scenario for my Inventions, with this ability I clarified my vision and my purpose. Not just to survive or live but to contribute and SHINE!!
I would like to thank all those who have Participated in this Conversation.

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    May 16 2013: So true, adesh being to truthful, society and medical practitioner will make their own assumptions. that is completely unrelated trying to understand the behaviour and character of the individual and evaluating it with their own Medical therapeutic Research, trying to stereotype the truthful person identity. But each and every case is unique and different. Maybe with similarities. But each person is different and gifted. We must not make negative assumptions, we must evaluate that persons outlook is either Positive or Negative. Negative tendency is detrimental to their existence and society as a Whole. They are the fuel for insane asylums. But when you have a positive approach. You not controlled by negative violent tendency or evil intentions.

    Those Positive people can contribute so much more to society than average or normal individuals. They shouldn't be evaluated with the Same pen. So being truthful has resulted in Negative attribution and stereotyping which is bad. Because the Truth sets you free. But with repercussion of condemnation and stereotyping. Who wants to be truthful then. It becomes a norm, to have a life filled with lies and deceit, to achieve individual self gain. How horrible the outcome.
    With psychotic medication even those positive personality change due to drug intoxication. Making the person even more dangerous as their centred identity have been subdued allowing the negative or evil inside to manifest. Thus confirming Medical Practitioners hypothesis of Schizophrenia. So drugs make violent tendency even more likely. So when it manifest, a higher dosage of medication is prescribed, leaving the patient incapacitated, trying to subdue their violent tendency.

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