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Instead of, "No bullying," let's shift the focus in schools to Peace. Let us teach peace explicitly in every school.

Watch Jeni Stepanek's TedxTeen Talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru2Wq-6TUzI

In a world where a child's desperate cry for attention makes the evening news on a daily basis, let us show that child another way. Let us teach that child how to solve problems, practice how to be empathetic and resolve conflicts.

Parents and teachers will tell you that teaching a child what TO do is much more impactful than telling the child what NOT to do. So, let's shift the paradigm in schools. Instead of anti-bullying programs, let's begin to teach peace, explicitly and directly.

Peace is a choice."- Mattie J.T. Stepanek
Peace requires... "Action" -Jody Williams


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    May 14 2013: I see posters with "No bulllying" titles and an anonymous hotline. I've heard of schools doing anti- bullying rallies. I don't see any posters describing peace, steps to peace or the idea of peace. I'd love to see a few. I yearn to see peace brought into the equation. I read The Secret. It's kinda out there. I'm not as far out as it is but the one thing that resonated with me is that the universe doesn't hear you in the negative. When you are yelling "NO bullying" The universe is hearing BULLYING.
    So, let's stay in the preventative and teach peace. I'm not arguing the idea at all. It's the approach.

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