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Instead of, "No bullying," let's shift the focus in schools to Peace. Let us teach peace explicitly in every school.

Watch Jeni Stepanek's TedxTeen Talk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru2Wq-6TUzI

In a world where a child's desperate cry for attention makes the evening news on a daily basis, let us show that child another way. Let us teach that child how to solve problems, practice how to be empathetic and resolve conflicts.

Parents and teachers will tell you that teaching a child what TO do is much more impactful than telling the child what NOT to do. So, let's shift the paradigm in schools. Instead of anti-bullying programs, let's begin to teach peace, explicitly and directly.

Peace is a choice."- Mattie J.T. Stepanek
Peace requires... "Action" -Jody Williams


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    May 14 2013: sorry to be the devils advocate...but define "PEACE" and for who? what group? Anyway,I'll back down from my high horse,back to reality..and say it more gently...peace may be a tough concept to teach a culture which promotes the EGO over the collective good..how will we explain all the individuals who built their empires on war..if in fact we are an Imperialist nation?I am completely in support of your idea..really..but the idea of one love,one world nation,equality,kindness falls at the way side at our first hockey game as we watch our kids pummel their way to a goal. Its adults who block peace..their addiction to an illusion of status as their tired bloated stressed bodies fight to stay in a system that gets everyone to compete against each other...winner take all if the American elections are an indication of what power may bring. So how to teach peace if fairness and justice is little present around a child...they may see the difference and call you on the hypocrasy note...I hope you can do this..Persoonally I would tell the truth and say mistakes have been done,we intend to do better and warn them about the cult of aggression that harms the spirit of peace at every level
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      May 14 2013: Don't be sorry. I do not define peace for children. I ask them to define it for me. I have done it many times. I would provide them with a blank piece of paper and the sentence "Peace is" to complete. Children show me that peace is not something present in their world or that they understand it far more deeply than I do. (ie. A fifth grader drew a picture of a child point up and down and it reads, "Peace is something up there or down there but nowhere around me. Then, a kindergarten student produced a masterpiece drawing with play dough and crayons explaining the interconnected nature of peace within.

      Here are three lessons helping children explore the meaning of peace based on the powerful poetry of Mattie J.T. Stepanek, a peacemaker. http://www.mattieonline.com/?page_id=2677

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