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Create a 'Learn with TED" open-education program to encourage TED talks projection and amplification in Business Schools

People's ideas & experiences inspired me to become the entrepreneur of my life. They made me a better and sharper person. And the best way you can share ideas & experiences is to get people to present them in front of you.

Because 80% of what you feel is triggered by non-verbal language, you cannot solely rely on text/book/powerpoint. That's why teachers are so important at inspiring students to become who they are, at sparkling that inner self. Inspiring them is not feeding them, but making them hungry.

But inspiring people are though to get, TED talks are not.

I was thinking that creating a curated list of inspiring TED talks that will sparkle students creativity and world-view, and get them talking about it, could be something really useful.

And then work on a method/guide aimed at amplifying the video-based story-told talk. A structure empowering (co)creation, (self)reflexion & serendipity. A first draft:

- Project a TED talk to the classroom
- Share, connect & co-create around the talk with the classroom
- Remix & amplify the talk in group of 3 or 5
- Present your remix to the classroom, and TEDify your ideas

What do you think? I've created a first web-page of this 'movement' at and you can join the Facebook group for brainstorm at !

Feel free to join, share, contribute, copy, distribute in any way you can, let's start an open-source education movement!