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Example of our scientific foolishness! Note: Please go on add the examples of scientific foolishness of this egoistic material world.

The entire scientific world knows that brain and spinal cord constitute the central nervous system. The brain contains some 50 billions nerve cells, or neurons. Each neuron is linked to thousands of others. Tiny electrical signals pass through this vast network, carrying human thoughts and memories. Nerve signals also come into the brain from nerves all over the body, and go out from the brain to the muscles. A nerve signal is a tiny pulse of electricity that travels very fast, almost 100 meters per second along a nerve cell.

When there is flow electricity in every human body do we need earthing or not? Why have we disconnected ourselves from earthing? When there is tension in mind earthing is a must. Otherwise we may witness brain haemorrhage. Even the computer cannot properly function without earthing. Then what about a human being? The shoe that we wear, the roads that we build, the house where we live, and the tall buildings that we construct… everywhere we have insulated ourselves from earthing. What development we have done in this world when we cannot understand the minute law of earthing?

Our sincere call to the world is to end this illusive journey. Now, there is an immediate need to do a soul searching. We need a new beginning to raise the world unto the infinite height of the absolute science. We must realize that inventions and discoveries are an outcome of unselfish people’s selfless mind. Let us give justice to them by elevating the world into a new height by digesting the true value of science. Let us usher in a new legend of renaissance in the world. Without violating the natural laws of cosmic creation, let us re-construct the world into an innovative height, so that at least the future generations can enjoy the true glory and the infinite happiness of life.


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    Apr 6 2011: That's absolutely true. We should thus work for the people so that we can live in a better and smarter world. Not only in the field of science but also in various other fields.

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