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Does the widespread access to technology diminish the activeness in youths of today?

Technology now is depicted as something that helps new ideas come about and it just makes life a lot simpler.
But with all the outbreak of so much technology nowadays and so many children having access to it can't we say that it creates a new laziness found in people, before when you had to find things out for yourself it helped develop the passion you have for whatever you needed, but now children just sit at home all day playing games or copying and pasting their homework not really stepping into the world, or if they do, they are doing it from someone else's viewpoint on the internet. As I said playing games, before people had to go out, play games and even create them with mates, but not people sit at home infront of a console playing games for ours before bed, and even in school, there are now mobilephones which can do almost what a computer can, so instead of having fun or having a nice discussion at breaks, you find people on their phones on the internet and playing games.

So I ask you, does the widespread use of technology, diminish the activeness/creativity in youths of today?

As I'm only 15, I would love to hear your views on this.

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    May 14 2013: As a father of two teenagers, one just older than you. My answer is YES! But is is a bad thing, not sure. As with everything in life, it is all about balance. Parents need to ensure this balance exists.
    • May 14 2013: Yeah that's very true, as some parents may just buy their kid everything and not really tell them to go outside or to explore something
  • May 21 2013: The technology only really ends up getting detrimental without balance. For example, while I didn't grow up with ALL the technology available today, I did grow up with a lot of it. Actually, it kind of grew with me. And being an introvert, I usually tried to find other ways of relating to people. For example, I've done blogging on an amateur basis until around 2008 when I started to do it on a semi-profession to professional status with different organizations while also still maintaining an on-again/off-again relationship with my personal amateur blog where I've bounced around story ideas. I've also been gaming since about the age of two, also known as the American release of the NES home console. But I also make time to go out and wander, work out, study, observe the world, watch the stars (when I'm not in an area with a lot of light pollution), etc. The level of activity just depends on a lot factors beyond the existence of the technology. And even working with the technology is some level of activity in itself.
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    May 18 2013: I have often felt the same away about this subject, yet continue messing around with my iPod. My key to understanding why this device had me in its grip (ironic no?) was when my mom told me to stop being "anit-social." I am closer to the introverted spectrum than extraverted, so I finally discovered that at most times (not all) I was on my technology *because* it was anti-social. Because I didn't want to interact with anyone. I recently watched a TED talk by this woman who said she was an introvert in an extraverted world, and that is exactly how I feel. Society is naturally social and extraverts are encouraged/favored/served over introverts (esp. in schools). This doesn't account for all of my technology use, but hopefully it gives a different perspective on the upsides of technology use.

    I'm sorry if I reused any of the other commenters ideas.
  • May 15 2013: I remember the advent of portable radios and color television and parents were having the same discussion then. “We used to go outside and play not just sitting around watching TV all day”.
    Only the boxes have changed and we will get over it. Some will stay addicted and others will discover “outside”
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    May 14 2013: It does not have to. Technology can be a tool to enhance creativity and provide an even wider platform for learning.
    I think the keyword you are looking for is "excess" which, in just about any case, excess of anything can have a negative effect whether it is on physical activity or creativity.

    It is the excess use of technology which can have negative effects on youth AND adults. But, as Brian said, it should be up to the parents to be sure a nice balance is in place.

    Great question!
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    May 14 2013: Yes