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How would a utopian society be organized?

What is there economic system? There monetary system? Government? culture? Religion? Law? Medicine? diet? All of it.


Closing Statement from Robert Del Rosario

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    May 13 2013: more power to the people regarding the taxes.
    I wish there was a mixture of liquid democracy and kickstarter regarding our taxes.
    Right now you elect somebody, who appoints somebody, who debates and compromises with somebody how your tax-dollar get spent. And you have no clue or saying.

    What I wish to see: A percentage of taxes is going into a pool and everybody can choose where it flows. It must flow: you don't get your money back, if you don't choose (let's be realistic: if Joe pays 2 dollar less taxes every week, he won't even notice it and will spent it on a coffee.)

    But what if you don't get your money back but can choose projects, which gets your money? Or if you are too lazy to decide on a regular basis, you could just choose a group or individual, who allocates it for you based on their stated goal (Robinson, here take my money! Build schools and educate the teachers.)

    I guess this would spark and finance many non-profit projects and ideas or help existing ones, while empowering and involving the individual.
    Secondly I think that after some months people would see the benefits of it and would agree for a higher "individual taxes" percentage.
    Thirdly it diminishes the reign of the masses (you don't have to convince 51%. You can choose on your own.)

    So basicly "apply free market concept on a percentage of taxes"

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