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Youth with skill and potential need not die a silent death. We can support new ideas/businesses with them in the lead & make it large!

For India's growth story, one compelling truth is lack of vision ... the common man does not know what he wants in life ... the government does not know what kind of India they want 20 years or 50 years from now!!! Instead of all individuals making half efforts... only if we (with resonable resources, thought and skill) could synergise with the local youth looking for career prospects... it could make a huge difference... e.g why can't more bakeries be opened up with specialities in the offering !!! Why can't more cafes be opened up? or dance groups or cultural shows etc etc.... I would invite all individuals/companies to join hands with us on this issue ... well even if you have just ideas ..do share it with us to make us better.....


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    May 17 2013: Hi Vaneesh, I've been to India 3 times (as far as Haridwar/Rishikesh in your region). I loved it every time and I made it my goal to spend as much time as possible there when I retire (in about 5 years) I am planning for an active retirement...I want to go there and help others by sharing what I know; I am not an educator but I'm thinking I could use these 5 years gaining some knowledge and experience in teaching; I thought I could teach under privileged children to improve their English. I've been checking out websites to gain a good picture of what retiring to India would involve and I came across a blog post referring exactly to Dehradun area, about the area suffering of massive migration from the villages to the big cities.
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      May 17 2013: I belong to Dehradun and am currently working on projects which you would be able to relate with easily. This region as you have experienced is extremely attractive but just a concious effort on our part to develop the skill level of upcoming generation. I also represent www.chingari.org where "chingari" means "SPARK", a spark that would initiate a wildfire of social change.... Participation of people like you would only make this initiative stronger in this Himalayan state.

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