Varun Ravi

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My concept is about a device which can search for a human, a particular person of choice among the billions of people on this planet. My concept is about a real time social networking system with live radio broadcasting device. The device holds a code called Human Match Code ,which will be written on the device while the user signs up with the website. This is a theory which is simple to users and complex to the engineers view.

This device can be coupled with any modern communication device such as a mobile ,laptops, or even it can exist as a stand alone device. Like a Bluetooth ,wifi there will a dedicated tab in order to enable this option. My device uses radio frequency to search the humans by passing a code called Human Match Code (HMC). HMC is actually the key for this technology and it’s a simple number which will be generated while the user signs up for HMC on our website . The sign up process can be integrated with any current social networking sites. So as to make this more understandable I am dividing the process into four stages.

Stages will be discussed in the following posts.