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Does culture affect body language?

I think it has a profound affect on body language

  • May 14 2013: Very much.
    For example,looking into one's eyes while speaking in some cultures is considered to be rude, whereas in some it could mean that one is speaking the truth.
    It is similar to the differences in etiquette in different cultures. The same action of leaving food on a plate could be interpreted differently in various cultures.
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    W. Ying

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    May 14 2013: .

    It is.
    Culture affects a person's thought.
    Thought determines a person's body language.
  • May 14 2013: Thanks for all your comments - my thoughts are that a TED lecture should be understood that it applies to a Western culture - comments received to my query seem to apply to East Asian cultures.
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    May 14 2013: Yes it does.....nodding head up and down means different thing in different cultures
  • May 14 2013: Look at Whorf and what others have written.
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    May 14 2013: G'day Catherine

    Yes to a certain degree Catherine because when someone lies they touch or scratch their nose in the same way someone else would from a different culture however what one culture or people define as a lie to another could be quite different which of course is the same with anything.