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The recognition of begging as a profession!

I was surprised, confused and intrigued by the fact that "begging" is not considered an economic activity.
This seems to mainly due to the rather unenviable status of people who are brave enough to take up this pursuit. Another reason that is mentioned is the absence of any formal qualification.
Recently a friend of mine made a rather derogatory comment when passing a person exercising his activity of begging.
I admire people who accept, in many cases probably not voluntarily, to live an existence at the bottom rung of society.


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    May 14 2013: Religious organisations usually engage in begging and then, after having skimmed off the cream, proceed to a few charitable hand-outs while making sure that these "generous" gestures get maximum exposure. Thus they incite more, usually not rich people to make more donations. In most jurisdictions religious organisation are tax-exempt.
    Most beggars don't maintain palatial cathedrals or have a chief beggar with his/her own state.
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        May 16 2013: It might not be called begging but it is. And all the religious institutions I know build churches, temples, cathedrals ... All momnuments to their own glory.

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