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If the world were still a massive supercontinent like Pangaea today, how would humanity be different?

I am wondering what kinds of differences we would see in areas such as: war, politics, culture, scientific development, etc.

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    May 13 2013: Let me try. This is my imagination running wild.

    1. There would be a huge desert in the middle. This would really mess up the air currents around earth. Most of this land would be inhospitable. That means less hospitable land, and we would all be a little short on food.

    I think it would also have changed humanity itself.

    1) Dawn of Civilization. Assuming once again that homo sapiens are able to evolve and survive, let's say for fun around the savannas of Northern "Africa", and would spread out across the globe, albeit slowed by mountains and passes. Some would head north to a fertile crescent 2.0, likely around lands that in our reality, became Greece, Italy, and central Europe. These people would thrive in a dawn to civilization not unlike our own...though perhaps hunted by 20 ft. Carnivorous Elephant-like creatures.
    2) Technology. Since a great amount of the more central parts of the supercontinent would be desert (though with climate change patterns it could vary), major agricultural and later industrial-based societies would flourish along the seaboard, where great populations of people would be able to communicate and share information/discoveries much more easily than our own jagged world. Eventually, as trade built up around the Eastern seaboard (which would help it flourish), some king or queen would likely give a grant for some intrepid ocean-faring explorer to take their mighty vessel out to cross the great eastern sea beyond the lands that are now China to find quicker passage. Unluckily for the intrepid explorer, the Americas are not there to save the ship in this reality, and everyone who ventures out to sea beyond China is never heard from again. Due to this, it is many years before mankind indeed proves that the world is round, and potentially not even by circumnavigating it.
  • May 13 2013: It would depend greatly on just where Pangaea was located: North, South , or on Equator.
    And if any type of life forms ventured onto the land & evolved into a human type form.
    Your question is a huge one and there are a world of variables to take into consideration.
    But, if by some chance humans did evolve, I suspect you would still have greed as the driving force. Which is, pretty much, what you have today, just that your neighbors are closer.
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    May 20 2013: Yeah, less air travel. More wars. More border disputes. And maybe more genocide. Having 7 major continents surrounded by water not only protects the continental residents from their enemies, but it might also protect all of us from ourselves.
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    May 18 2013: I like the graphics for "The Expanding Earth Theory"...then the question could be, what if the Earth didn't expand...?

    But wow, what a different world it would be! I wonder where we would be living.
  • May 14 2013: Less air travel.
  • May 13 2013: All nations are beside the sea, underground living, aquaculture abundace, All brown skin, no clothes,....