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Is the education crysis a political or cultural problem?

There is a global problem with the education system. Since education plays such a vital part in human development it invevitably plays a vital part in society.
The development of educational programs may be developed by education commities, but the end result is usualy "ajusted" and "contidioned" by politicians, is this the main obstacle that education faces? or does the Lack of cultural conditions, in the form of a industry oriented society, present itself as a even bigger issue?

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  • May 26 2013: The education crisis is the result of the culture of elevating mediocrity. As a result of this culture, the politics as become the ole driving force in education. The lack of accountability and ownership from the parents has placed the name on teachers and schools. In my 15 years of teaching, I have seen a pattern of reform based on money. Testing companies getting rich, charter schools, and private partnerships. The result is the same= teach to the test and those who can afford good education versus those who cannot.

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