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Is the education crysis a political or cultural problem?

There is a global problem with the education system. Since education plays such a vital part in human development it invevitably plays a vital part in society.
The development of educational programs may be developed by education commities, but the end result is usualy "ajusted" and "contidioned" by politicians, is this the main obstacle that education faces? or does the Lack of cultural conditions, in the form of a industry oriented society, present itself as a even bigger issue?

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    May 14 2013: who is ruining education,industry(lack of),government,who? Historically,the flow of information,what is known and not known was filtered through religion and governments..they did not want an upsurgent population,so limiting information was a way to control the masses. Again around Freuds time this idea of limiting knowledge was considered helpful as government saw people to be to stupid to make judgements and therefore had to be limited in what they are told. Using this history as the basis for opinion...I would by behavior have to say it is government again..but with the compliance of political elements in the school...perhaps not the actual teachers themselves. To have a limited population self aware about science, math,economics,health makes for a very pliable consumer. Even today most of the world does not know nutrtion,or health concepts...barely able to know how money works...none of this is an accident...This is a historical way of the haves maintaining the greater portion of wealth for themselves...since ancient Rome...Im sorry I am unable to tell you any answers except study histoy, economics,science,on your own and look at those who hoard resources as the pitiful group of sad individuals they must be to feel themselves entitled to use people to do all their work for them

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