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Is the education crysis a political or cultural problem?

There is a global problem with the education system. Since education plays such a vital part in human development it invevitably plays a vital part in society.
The development of educational programs may be developed by education commities, but the end result is usualy "ajusted" and "contidioned" by politicians, is this the main obstacle that education faces? or does the Lack of cultural conditions, in the form of a industry oriented society, present itself as a even bigger issue?

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    May 14 2013: I believe it is political. But I'm not just talking about politicians. I'm talking about power, and the struggle for it.

    The game of politics is not only played by politicians! If you don't realize that, you need to go back and study your history better.

    There are many players in the game of politics. They include the people who are "in power" right now, and all the others who have been and want it back, and others who haven't been yet and want some. There are also the criminals, who play the game around its edges. They have ALWAYS been there, too, and sometimes they get into "official" positions in government or business.

    There are a lot of these players who want workers - preferably slaves - so why should you have a "good" education system that makes everyone more able and self-confident? That's the problem. There is a lot of political pressure to NOT make better schools.

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