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Do you believe that your propensities have a profound affect on your behavior?

Many people are unable to connect the dots on how their behavior is learned by their environments/home life. Have you connected the dots?

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    May 26 2013: .
    "Propensities" are controlled by our soul.
    The soul is the computation results of instinct data and pre-instinct data.
    The instinct data and pre-instinct data are made of the "environments/home life".
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    May 14 2013: G'day Benita

    Our environment has a lot to do with who we are at that point in time but of course it doesn't dictate what we are as it's up to us if we are going to be what our environment dictates to us to be or not. I was brought up in a disharmonious family situation with two elderly brothers & one sister, we are quite different within our behaviour, one of my brothers & sister have continued with this disharmonious behaviour.

    If we allow the environment we live in to dictate our behaviour then we will become that very environment which most people do like for example most wealthy people will act like snobs & most poor people will act like down trodden people so I would have to say yes to your question to a certain extent.

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    May 13 2013: Are you distinguishing "propensities" as something distinct from environmental influences or as something triggered by or produced by environmental influences?
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    May 13 2013: Good question...the answer for me is YES..but I will theorize that this is because many things were traulmatic for me in childhood and that this contrast between the official childhood narrative and my experience was the creative force for contemplation. The other big clue was in the enviornment I was tralmatized by the agressive and muderous behaviour of society...which was directly contradictory to the moral texts...This ripped out the connection chord to most all people leaving only objects and the natural world,(a good choice at age 7) The enviorment is something to be endured,critiqued,and reinvented if possible. It took me years to find the information to support my right to disagree with my cultural group on issues such as money,imperialism,european history,original civilization,work ethics,beauty,ect So the end result of all this observation is I NOW understand how environments are damaging lots of minds. Many famailies are also struggling with forces that are the effects of being in this world that destriys good energy with EGO. This witnessing of how enviornment builds mind may in fact only be viewable if things go wrong or possibly if you are in fact able to DESIGN environments yourself