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How will technology, the internet and social media revolutionise the Health and Fitness industry in the next 5-10 years?

How will the huge advances in technology transform the way people exercise, monitor and improve their health and wellbeing? Any answers on the possible changes in how people exericse would be great? Will gyms be as popular as they are today or will home exercises become more popular through online resources? As the big names such as Facebook, Google, Apple continue to grow and innovate and change the way people connect and share, how will this impact the health and fitness industry? Any ideas or predictions for the possible up and coming changes in the Health and Fitness industry would be great. Thank You

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    May 20 2013: For as long as people have bodies, they will have to take care of them. That means exercise and movement. So I think that investing in a good gym membership is a good idea. Not only that, but an investment in stock ownership in a gym franchise (a successful one) might even be a good idea, too!
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    May 14 2013: With regards to the exercise part, do you potentially see a growing demand for the use on the web to facilitate online exercise programs for home use? This would be limited to machines, weights, running machines etc. but I believe there is a growing interest in body weight exercises and also exercises which require minimum equipment such as pilates, boxercise and also Yoga and meditation which also promote more of the holistic approach. This would also allow members to access top class exercise programs from the world's leading health and fitness professionals from around the world.

    If you agree with this, do you think it would take away the insecurities and emotional limitations people experience a?nd associate to exercise and gym environments? Could you specify what you mean by 'external cooperation' for the holisitic approach?

    You mentioned the connection between health professionals. As social media and the web evolves do you see a grwoing connection between this industry and the medical industry?
  • May 14 2013: One of the growing changes in Health & Fitness is the use of social media. It is something that has been proven to help. There are a lot of online communities dedicated to health and fitness, although I believe technology has it's limits. Ultimately we can't virtually exercise, we have to actually do it. I think where you will see it the most is through motivational tools and connecting to health professionals.

    Some examples I've used are following health and fitness twitter accounts, liking various facebook groups and sharing some of my running routes from MapMyRun. It can help spread awareness as well and help educate the public on various health topics. When you get social support and feel the incentive to be accountable it helps motivate you.

    The biggest limitations to the health and fitness industry is the barriers to lower classes as well as the cultural mindset. We need people to start thinking in balance and moderation rather than instant gratification and quick fix. Work needs to be done in helping others deal with stress and and help with underlying causes that are leading to these destructive issues and behaviors.

    Maybe if we stopped shaming people who aren't behaving according to high standards of health and fitness, they wouldn't feel so insecure going to a gym or changing diets. We need them to become more optimistic and believe in themselves enough to make the changes. Most people know they have a problem and many know how to change it. The struggles come in the doubt and barriers due to the social structure in the United States.

    In short, a much more holistic approach would probably be more successful. But the health and fitness industry needs external cooperation for that.

    I my opinion...