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Does creationism indicate bad education? (If so how can we fix this, and should it be taught?) Does Creationism have any credibility to it?

I started this debate, with a new aspect (or perspective) on our current education problem. Considering many focus on how to motivate students and various other aspects. Yet this (creationism) still remains a big problem to the American education system today, and I don't think many people think about this when they consider the education system today.

I feel I should have probably made this clearer, when I say creationism, I am making reference to the type of creationism which tell people "Evolution is wrong". (Or in other words the "Creationism vs Evolution" debate).

Creationism - http://www.creationism.org/
Does it have any credibility to it? Should it be considered a science?
Considering due to recent polls 46% of American believe in creationism.
Link :
- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/05/americans-believe-in-creationism_n_1571127.html

Many psychological studies have shown a strong correlation between a lack of education and creationism. These studies indicate that not many creationists actually understand what the scientific method is.
With all this talk of how to "improve education" surely it would be wise, to finally finish the "Creationism vs Evolution" debate, if we wish to ensure a better scientific education!
Watch this 3 minute link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTedvV6oZjo (By Lawrence Krauss)

Here are some reasons, people believe creationism should be taught in schools, which I believe are false :
Considering, if the polls are to be believed, 46% of Americans are missing out (in my opinion) on a proper scientific education.

I think it is worth mentioning though, that I am fine with "Theistic evolution".
A good book recommendation on this matter is "Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution" by Kenneth R. Miller. I personally have never understood the claim "Atheism = Evolution"...


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    • May 25 2013: I am a practicing, atheist, Buddhist that believes in spirituality in an atheistic sense (I am an atheist Jew, I am Raelian). In other words, I believe in the 'frequency' of love and the impact it has on others and science is my religion... When one states that they are spiritual, 'most' people think of this as a religious aspect but I don't abide by the mysticism that religion has instill upon spiritualism.

      To be spiritual, to me, is to respect and love all life, all living things ARE alive and deserve respect. I just don't abide by the religious fundamental aspect of the spirit being able to continue 'after' death, this is why it's called "the living spirit"...

      While I don't agree with religion, I do acknowledge scientific spiritualism and that is where the living spirit strives to live an eternal existence through "life" and it can be done through science. Here's how.

      While all living things die, the spirit simply ceases to exist but the DNA exists even after death. When humanity advances to the point to be able to record EVERY memory of a persons life (in which the memories coupled with the genes of a person is what makes a person a unique individual) then man can clone his exact makeup and reinstall his memories and his consciousness will be "in spirit" again (living), his spirit per se will be reanimated and he will in essence be brought back from the dead. The religious have a term for this scientific feat called the resurrection.

      I now ask, how did religion write of such an advanced scientific procedure over 2000 years ago?

      I advocate that humanity is but lineage through a process called scientific design with spirituality instill in our culture through an advance civilization (the Elohim) and man has taken this spirituality and manipulated it through his own agenda called Religion.

      When you look at the holy scriptures and remove all the mysticism that 'man' has instilled into the text, then you have a science book that tells of our heritage.
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        • May 25 2013: A v--8? Too funny...

          I prefer "meditation"

          Scientism? Yep...

          About the "living spirit", I look at it in the very same fashion as I do a light bulb... Once the body 'dies', the vessel that supplies the energy quits supplying the energy and as in a light bulb, the light goes out, plain and simple... If there is not a vessel to continue supplying energy, the spirit just ceases to exist any longer. No soul, no afterlife no mysticism just science.

          How do I increase the love that I send out? Should you need ask? I start by loving myself because if one can't even love themselves how can they give what they don't possess?
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        • May 25 2013: ~ "Claiming the spirit ceases to exist is to claim that energy ceases to exist and it's already an established fact that energy cannot be destroyed; it cannot 'cease to exist'."

          I never claim that energy ceases to exist... What ever you do in life "creates" vibrational frequencies that emanate outward from your essence so what you do in life affects infinity as a whole but once your body quits "supplying" energy, the spirit ceases to exist and there must be some sort of vessel to continue supplying the energy for the spirit to exist and infinity does not contain this energy in an organized way to let the spirit keep producing "new" frequency, so what you do in life really matters but after you are dead, the energy and frequency that you produced while "alive" still emanates outwards after you are dead but there are NO new frequencies that a mystical "soul" can create as in the living spirit unless you are cloned and your vibrational frequency restored through consciousness and this will only happen to the people who have learned to emanate love in their life and not the negativity associated with greed, ego etc... Love is key and that is spiritualism, to love.
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        • May 25 2013: Sorry, but I don't adhere to mysticism so I don't believe in reincarnation (your belief maybe?) I believe in scientific recreation to be the "only" true fundamental way to extend life after death and is the only one backed by science, anything other than that is backed in mysticism and not backed by the scientific methods (if it's not backed by science it's only belief and not reality) All of reality is backed by science in one way or another...
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        • May 25 2013: How do you know that the Elohim are NOT just scientifically advanced humans that created us? Because some book told you so? I only deal in facts, not unsubstantiated beliefs so if they were just another spiritual peoples then that would make the scriptures founded in fact over that of belief and mysticism...

          Examples of science in the Bible? For one, like I already pointed out, resurrection, bringing the dead back to life (check) humanity has been doing this for some time now with the advent of modern day medicine)

          Restoring the eyesight to the blind ( man has now accomplished this feat with stem cell research, just posted the other day in the science journals)

          Restore the hearing to the deaf (done that a long time ago through science)

          Elohim, meaning "Those who came from the sky" We are already breaching the heavens and have even walked on the moon and have sent probes to Mars... We HAVE taken men into space just as some men have been described being taken into the heavens in the bible.

          Examples of nuclear disasters in biblical times

          and on and on....
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          May 25 2013: Chris,
          Did you ever get my reply to you?
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      May 25 2013: Chris,

      If all Science is already in the Holy Book, then I suppose that a cure for cancer is already available, how come those with the gift to see don't share the cure as a gift to mankind? That would be an awesome statement Before a cure is discovered by Scientists and then reversed engineered into scripture by context or else.

      Thanks for your patience.

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